It's So Easy

Today, as I was walking to class and about to enter the buildling, a guy from my class was walking from the other direction. When he looked my way I knew I had to do it. I had to smile at him.

I know he has a little crush on me because I caught him glancing at me a few times in class. He glanced at me "that way" and I knew what I could do.

When I smiled at him today, his face went blank for a moment, and then a little startled, he smiled back. Gotcha. ;-) He opened the door for me, I smiled wider, said thank you, and walked in. He sat on my side of the classroom that day, but left an extra seat between us, not to come off as too strong.

During class, he dropped his pen and it flew under my feet. He dashed off his chair to get it back.

---->Okay, call me shameful. It was a smile. What was I supposed to do? Be mean? Haha, flirting is fun. It's all about eye contact, smiling, simple small talk, subtle compliments, and interested questions. Sometimes I flirt because I like the guy, but most of the time I flirt just for flirting's sake. It's always more difficult to flirt with a guy I *really* like.

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3 Responses Mar 24, 2009

and by "this guy" i mean someone else. he's a sweetheart and i hope things go well :)

He never mustered up the guts to talk to me -- now, a year later, I'm seeing this guy and it's going well. I try not to be overtly flirtatious with guys so much anymore haha, it got me into some trouble recently!

This story is a year old now. Was that the end of it? Did he ask you out? Did you start flashing him and rile him up?