The Rogue

Believe it or not, I didn't always know how to flirt.  In fact, flirting was a very new skill for me however when you have a sister who has a variety of g/fs over(no I don't mean the lesbian kind you filthy bastards) - you get the lessons quick. Flirting is almost like gambling, it is a question of how much you can bet, how high or outrageous you can bet before your bluff gets called or you call the bluff of another. You could even compare it to tennis, you are smashing a ball back and forth over a net with either a potential Agassi or washout. The catch is much like comedy, if you cross the wrong lines - suddenly the flirting can become a noose that can effectively hang you. You need to be able to walk that fine line between outrageous/sexy and offensive. Much like comedy, you want the opposite sex to have an OMG, DID HE/SHE JUST SAY THAT?? or an DOES SHE MEAN WHAT I THINK SHE MEANS??? moment. Flirting is like seduction - one of the greatest games ever played by the human league. Why is it the greatest game? Because yes, you may have to fold your cards but damn, all it takes is one rakish bluff called and suddenly you may just have that wildcat in lady's clothing who can fulfill every one of your wildest fantasies pushing you up against the wall for ravishing.

I like to flirt with those close friends that I trust, I flirt with intent when it comes to others. You can tell the difference very shortly from the start.  I like to flirt because it puts a smile on women's faces and a spark in their hearts, maybe a little fire as well in their souls.

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1 Response Mar 12, 2010

Flirting can be fun but yes there is a fine line and most people will never understand that people are always jumping to the wrong idea and start looking for deeper reasons I really never have taken most men who flirt with me seriously because I just see it as fun and something to be enjoyed for the moment and if it does make the person being flirted with a little happier then why not.