The Eyes Have It

I learned to flirt as a teenager. THE single most important lesson to learn is the sideways(and usually upwards) sexy eye.

I started practicing on random men. Just a look out of the corner of your eye is enough to get their attention, but you gotta put some force into it! Works every time!! Once they start having some sexy feelings toward you, the rest is easy...laugh, touch, more sideways eyes.

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7 Responses Mar 13, 2010

I guess I like to receive the full-on eyes with smile. A cliche of male/female sex roles I guess.<br />
Just not too much staring

The slow up and down scan is checking them out. The sideways looks says you are shy. The smile says you like what you see. Try it it works. I've had years of flirting and tried them all. I'm married but still love to flirt.

Like I said the sideways up and down look and shy smile works everytime for me. It tell them you want then but you are also shy. They like shy women best.

The eyes and the shy smile. You got to have the SHY smile

So what works on you, assuming you like to be flirted with.

oh yes. Perhaps you've never gotten a good sideways eye...

hmmmm, I must confess I never liked the sideways glance, but I've been subjected to quite a few full frontals, with much better results. Did the side-trick work for you ?