Sometimes I Don't Realize What I Am Doing

Flirting has been a part of my life as long as I can remember.  Depending on how comfortable I am with the person and the situation and if all is right, then I have no problem turning on the charm. Some people make a sport out of it but I always try and be considerate of the other person and their feelings.  There is nothing wrong with a little harmless flirting, actually I think it is a good thing. I must say I haven't done it in a few months and I do miss the excitement of it. I have met some really nice people this way and in return had some great relationships.

SoftSpokenOne SoftSpokenOne
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2 Responses Mar 14, 2010

I'd like to think I am good at it but I am always concerned about how the woman will take it, so I tread lightly as so many of you have told me to do !! I don't want to offend the woman, just having a little fun is all !!! To tell you the truth I have no idea when a woman is flirting with me so I'm with you Breezeann, I wish they would come right out and just ask already...I'm not good at reading between the lines !!!!

I too enjoy a little harmless flirting. It's good for soul and good to find a peace and happiness. Breezeann, flirting is some soft hearted chatting with someone with some sexual innuendos. Most of all to be flirting you have to let go of all your prudence and societal inhibition. You heard the term let your hair down... while you are in someone's company you are enjoying.