My Own Personal Sex Toy

I've been looking for a place to post the stories about my sexy wife. I just love ******* her and she is so sexy when we're in bed together. Last night she laid her head over the endge of the bed while I went to close our bedroom door and when I came back I just walked up and put my **** in her mouth. She likes to grab my *** while I **** her mouth amd pull me into her. I then pulled her legs up as far as they'd go and started eating and fingering her ***** while still ******* her mouth slow then fast. She makes me **** her mouth so hard sometimes that I just want to *** right down her throat. She loves it when I finger her ***** and *** while I do that because I know she fantasizes about having two guys man handling her and just having their way with her so having all her sweet wet holes filled turns her on. After I turned her around and ****** her she sucked my **** while making these little sexy moaning sounds. She likes to act like she doesnt want it and tries to pull away so I have to force my **** in her mouth while grabbing her hair. She is so incredibly sexy when she does that. I think about ******* her all the time and she gives me everything I need sexually. I hope to post other stories and would love to hear feedback and ideas of new things I could do with / to her.
cburgguy cburgguy
36-40, M
1 Response Dec 12, 2012

well my experience is also v much similar with my wife, shes jus amazing in bed and i luv to f... her 24/7.