Personal Grooming

How and when does it happen -  Well it takes some time but is well worth the effort.

It starts by rubbing her feet since she works all day long and she is always on her feet.  Then running her a bath where with just the candles lit she can relax.  I take to shaving her long toned legs from foot to hip all the way around.  Taking the extra care to make sure nothing is missed.  Get her out of the tub and have a towel laying on the bed where I have the pleasure of shaving her ***** so the lips are smooth and I think she enjoys the added attention that I take on it.

I have hot water available with some moisturizing soap and start in on the bikini line moving all the way back to her ***.  Then moving the razor slowly in across the top of her slit and gently getting into the folds.  Ever so careful not to cut, but making sure that it is smooth.  No bumps, she lays there very peaceful and comfortable.

I finish with the shave and clean off the extra soap and lube, she leaves her legs open and what a beautiful sight it is to see with just a patch above.  I massage her legs all the way up and she opens wider to let me have access, I move down and start to smell her scent, it drives me wild.  I massage her ***** and it gets her started, licking her smoothness and tasting her wet she gets worked up and starts to grab for me, to feel my hardness in her hand.

She motions for me go move in on her and slide into her, the heat generated makes us sweat and moving and feeling her around me, she climaxes which makes us both wet and now I come.  She is hot and wants me to be in her as long as possible.  We embrace and I move to her side with one of her legs wrapped around me, so soft and smells wonderful.

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Got the sharp razor and cream all ready to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
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Just lay back and relax, My hands are vvvverrrryyy Sttteeaadddyyy....

shave away!!!! ;-)

Would love to shave you next lovely Pix....

*blush*.... yes she does...

Thanks Burn..... My wife and I have divorced since this story, however the woman that I am with now likes that feeling you described and she is shaven too and I have since started shaving so it is a wonderful feeling.....

Love the story, you should finish the job and shave her completely and your should definitely give it a try on yourself. The feeling of shaved smooth skin rubbing on shaved smooth skin is so intense, my wife and I will have it no other way...

I know they all think I am a wussy for pampering her. I think that they just need to up their game.

This man is a wonderful guy...To pamper a wife....A lot of men could learn something from you..Hugs...T

Nope - she like me just the way I am.

Nice story, I like your style. Does she ever shave you?

Thank you for your comments.

That is beautiful.