Dirty Talk While *******

I have more than one reason why I like mounting my wife.   She’s never been mounted by another man nor has she ever jacked off another guy.  When I mount her, she is very vocal.   She has several Big O's very quickly and often when I talk dirty to her.  She likes to hear that her love hole is tight or that I’m ready to shoot love juices inside her love hole.   And when she’s ready for me to shoot, all she has to tell me is to “fill her up.”  My love tool enlarges and my  love juices shoot inside her.  She feels me pulsating and she screams and begs for me to fill her up with my love juices..  What a way to mount and do my duties as her husband.

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2 Responses Feb 4, 2010

I wish my husband would talk dirty to me. He doesn't say much while he's moving, just breathes hard. I do most of the dirty talking, but he tells me not to because it makes him *** faster. I dunno, probably relates to my desire to feel (gently) used.

Start out slow by just saying something like 'We are on the beach & they see you thrusting inside me....see how he will take that...

From last night i have started dirty talks while ******* my wife . she also enjoys . i want to talk dirty in loud while ******* my wife