******* Worn Out Slips

******* worn out slips is just as exciting as whacking-off ones in better shape.When I'm ************ an old worn out slip,I often think about the woman or women that wore it.I feel like this slip is very slutty & has slept around for quite a few years.I know this slip is a real ***** & this slip is just dyin' to be ****** ! This slip is telling me "**** me;please violate me & come all over my nylon & lace !".
nylonslipmaniac nylonslipmaniac
46-50, M
1 Response May 24, 2012

Me too,I love ringing old ladies at thrift shops asking for worn slips,when I get to know the lady I ask her do you have any silky nylon slips for me at home,if she says yes,can I buy them yes ,I will bring them in toomorow,then I ask her are you wearing a dress with a slip underneath,yes,I will see you toomorow.When I get their she hands me a plastic bag full of her worn silky nylon full & halfslips,can I try them on,yes,she shows me to the changeroom,in there I ***** naked then I try on her silky nylon slips knowing that she wore this slip has me WANKING MY HARD **** then she opens the curtain seeing me in her slip,sayingits a nice fit& she starts playing with my HARD ****,LET ME SEE YOU ***,I *** FOR HER ,Then she gives me her address &phone no,saying I'VE GOT MORE DIRTY SLIPS& PANTIES,DRESSES,BRAS AT HOME FOR YOU& I WILL LET YOU LOOK UP MY DRESS