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Check Up By Female Doctor

While working a previous job, we got a new insurance policy and it did not cover visits (fully) to my previous doctor. So, I made an appointment with the closest on the list.

At the appointment, after checking in with reception and eventually being escorted to the exam room, I sat on the chair/bed and waited for the doctor. The PA/Nurse (I didn't ask, so, I wasn't sure which she was) walked in and asked me a few profile questions and advised that the doctor would be coming in and, since she was female, would need to be in the room with her for sexual harrasment reasons (ok, I was about to be the one with his genitals in the hands of another - one squeeze would end any potential harrassment - but, oh well).

The doctor entered. Hammered my knees, checked my eyes, ears, lymphnodes and tapped my back a few times while listening. This is the usual extent of precursory exams that I am used to with male doctors. Then she asked me to stand and lower my pants to my knees so that she could check for a hernia (gee doc, I think I'd know if I had a hernia but, okie dokie).

As instructed, I lowered my pants to my knees and she asked me to spread my legs (so she could check my parts). Well, with jeans at your knees, there's not much spreading possible so I asked if she wanted me to lower my pants to my ankles instead. She said she didn't need me fully exposed (guess she didn't want to see my knee caps since that would be the only part not exposed during this exam at this point) and to just do as she asked. So, I spread my knees the approximate 1/2 inch that I could and she said "wider". After the second or third time of her saying "wider" the PA/Nurse turned around (she was trying not to look) and informed the doctor I would need to lower my pants to my ankles to be able to spread further since the pants were preventing such. The doctor chuckled, apologized, and advised she usually only has women on her roster (I took this to mean, I was the only male she had looked at in a while). So, I lowered all the way. She seemed a little unsure of herself (she was pressing against my legs, rather than jugging my testicles, and asking me to cough. I went along with it but she kept checking different spots on my upper thighs and asking me to cough, and cough again. After about ten to fifteen coughs I finally asked "aren't you going to hold my testicles?" She looked up and gave me a look like I was some sort of perv (all I could think was "great? I got the dumb one." She paused and told me she would be return in a few moments.

So, I stood there, with my pants around my ankles and a female PA/Nurse doing paperwork about five or so feet from me. About 10 minutes later, she came in with a male doctor. The male doctor asked me if there was a problem. I verbally replayed the exam for him and told him I had asked if she was going to check my testicles since she seemed transfixed on my legs when looking for a hernia. He just looked at her and told her to go ahead that he would supervise. Again, she played with my legs asking me to cough. After the second cough, the male doctor asked the female doctor to step outside for a second with him. After a brief few moments, the female doctor came back in, cupped my testicles and asked me to cough again. (I think she got advised that I was just trying to help rather than trying to get her to feel me up).

The exam was finished and she had the PA/nurse take some blood samples from me.

Made a follow up appointment for after when the test results returned.

During the follow up (about a month or so later). The doctor counseled me alone. She interpreted the blood results and then asked me to lay back on the table because she needed to palpatate my abdomen. She started to press here and there and asked me to undo my pants and lower them so that she could palpate lower. So, I dropped my pants to my knees and she massaged (pressed - nothing like a spa treatment) my stomach and moved gradually toward my pelvis. She continued by sort of pinch massaging the upper part of my thighs between the inner hip and testicles (right on an artery). While I know she was checking for something, the rythmic movements and air from the overhead a/c vent blowing right onto my testicles got me a little turned on and I got an erection. As I was getting stiffer, my penis began to shimmy back and forth. The more she pressed into the leg, the more it moved until it was eventually slapping each of my legs back-n-forth. She stopped and asked me if I needed a moment to recover myself. Assuming she was used to this and just being respectful, I told her it was fine to continue.

She then asked my to stand up, lower my pants all the way, and lay forward on my stomach with my legs off the table (which could only lead to one thing ... jelly and a finger in my bum hole). So, I did as instructed and winces a little in prep for the cold jelly to be mashed against my anus. As I leaned forward to rest my upper body on the table, I heard the dreaded fart-squirt of the ky tube. Then I felt cold gel on the back of my *** (she didn't lube her glove a little but instead opted to lube my lower back and sort of rub the gel toward my anus). She stood on my left rather than directly behind me and used her right hand to lube up my anus. She sort of did circles around my anus (tickled the hell out of me) and then just sort of jammed her fingers into me (it had to have been two fingers unless her hands grew in her gloves). As she was inserting, I think she pressed a bit much on my prostate because my erect penis released all over the edge of the table and I let out a heck of an "ugh". She responded to this by telling me to be a man, that women get inserted all the time. (All I could think was "and have an ****** from their Ob/Gyn's examinations?!".

I was red faced but she didn't seem to noticed she had just caused me to have an ******. After she played with my anus for a bit, she excused herself and told me to get cleaned up. I had *** on my stomach and KY all over my *** crack and lower back. I didn't need tissue, I needed a shower. I wiped myself down as much as I could (you never really feel like you got it all out) and got dressed.

She came in a few minutes later and told me all seemed fine and I was good to go.

I didn't make another appointment with her. Although she was orgasmic, on both occaisions, it was embarrasing as hell to be checked out by her. I was afraid she might later ask for a "sample" later and I'd have to be supervised by her while producing it.

I took about three days before I felt clean again. That KY stuff should be used on car engines instead of 40w oil.
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I think Female Doctor is more likely serious examine into my anus while she use her two finger into my anus due to problem with my digestion issues struggle and has not been better since I learn that I have a polyp after had a colonoscopy procedure. I feel that she is accurate exam in my anus.. Wonder why she use two fingers. it was unusual for me to wonder since 2004

I always see a lady doctor, the only male one I trust is my surgeon, I think lady doctors are more thorough, so what if I'm naked, she has seen it all before, and she has seen loads of boners too.