Physical With My Female Doctor

So last year, I got a routine physical for the first time in a long while. As I really didn't have a doctor, we chose a one that is associated with the big hospital over here. So my wife chose the doc, who is actually one of our neighbors from down the street. She's in her 40s and is in good shape.

So I go for my physical and she gives me a gown and asks me to ***** down to my shorts and to put on the gown. She then leaves the room. I ***** down and put on the gown. Eventually she comes back in and proceeds with the physical. All is going well and we get to the hernia check. She sits down and proceeds to try to reach my sack by going up my boxers. Well, that doesn't work, so she asks me to take off my shorts. I comply and she proceeds to give me the test. Well, I start to get aroused, not fully, but noticeable. She didn't say anything, neither did I.

So she says the exam is over and that I can get dressed. She says that she has some paperwork to finish up, so is it OK for her to stay in the room while I get dressed. I figured that she's already seen everything, so I didn't mind (actually this was turning me on). So I take off the gown and put on my underwear with my back towards her, but I made sure that she got a side view of me dressing. My penis actually made a "slapping" sound as I flipped it into my shorts.

She asked a few more questions and said I should see her again in 6 months.

I actually enjoyed her giving me the physical. It felt great being exposed to another woman. It was very exciting. I couldn't wait for my follow up. I'll tell that story another time.

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1 Response Dec 4, 2012

So did you ever get physical with this doctor.

Other than the touchy feely physical last fall, nothing's happened. It's just really flirting.