High School Check

When I was at high school we had yearly medical visits in the infirmary, and although the doctor was male, lady nurse was there and took an interest into the way boys' genitals were checked. Boys were checked in groups so all knew about your parts. After a general exam the doctor told us to pull our underpants down and check our testicles, one after the other, to be sure both glands were well descended although we were prepubescent and they obviously were small, althoiugh some of us had started erection and producing some liquid.for uncut penis he pull foreskins back and check to see if it moved OK or if there were any adherences . The nurse followed very closely both exams, and always looked very closely during the penile exam. That Must have been quite exciting for that female nurse to know she was the only female to know thoroughly our most intimate anatomy.

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Jan 21, 2013