I Enjoy Being Buried Neck Deep In Sand

When we were at the beach last summer we decided it would be fun to bury someone.  We dug a large hole about two feet deep by about three feet long. I then volunteered myself to be the buried one, and I sat in the hole and allowed everyone else to push the sand in around me. When they were finished only my head was visible above the sand, the rest of my body was covered.

It was one of the most unusual sensations I hd ever felt.  I was suprised at how heavy the sand was on top of me, it felt like I was being crushed by it, and I could feel every breath as my chest was pushing against the sand.  I was also suprised by how trapped I actually was. I found it virtually impossible to move any of my limbs.

I then realised that I was starting to enjoy the experince. I found it very comfortable laying there looking up at everyone. My friends were suprised that I wasn't trying to break free. I was just telling them I was completely stuck and couln't move.  They took the opportunity to build a large muscle man body sculpture around me and take lots of photos.

I attracted quie a bit of attention from other beach goers as they walked by and one or two strangers even stopped to take my picture.

Eventually I realised it was probably time I should be getting out and I reluctantly tried to lift my arms out. It took a few attempts but I eventually managed it and once my arms were free I was quickly able to dig the rest of my self out and clamber out of the hole. My muscles felt stiff at first as I had been laying in the same position for so long.

I don't know how long exactly I was buried for but I they reckon it was around an hour. I have never admitted that I was secretly enjoying it. We have been to the beach a number of times since then but on one has mentioned buying anymore.  I hope to try it again sometime, maybe staying buried for even longer!
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2 Responses May 25, 2010

Have you thought about being buried with just your head and feet sticking out?

Trouble is I don't think they would be willing to bury me again because of me staying buried for so long the last time.