Buried to My Neck

I have been buried up to my neck four times. Each time, it gives me this awesome, indescribable feeling--the deeper the hole, the more exciting it is. My last burial was by far the best. I was with my girlfriend and her family in Florida, and she and I dug a hole about three feet deep on the beach. I sat in it and she shoved the sand in until I was up to my neck. I told her to go as high up my neck as she could, which she did, packing the sand right at the base of my head and around my jaw. I couldn't even turn my head or get a full breath, but I felt completely tranquil nonetheless. Every muscle was immobilized by the weight of sand.

Her family got a big kick out of it, walking over and seeing just my head sticking out. They took pictures while the little kids gathered around, peering down at me with wide eyes, some laughing. "Let's decorate his head!" my girlfriend's aunt exclaimed. So the kids started picking up shells and seaweed and arranged it in a circle around my head, which everyone found hilarious.

KamikazeBoy KamikazeBoy
22-25, M
Nov 26, 2012