Desperately Trying to Hold On... Double Desperation

Right, last night I went out bowling after work with my team, during the game I drank 3 pints of coke before driving into town to extend the night out. Whilst driving the 30 minute journey I began to feel by bladder asking for relief, but not too urgently. It was about 10pm by this time. I parked the car and walked the short distance to the club, there was a huge queue for entry and I questioned whether I should nip into another bar to pee before joining. But I decided to hold on, I could always leave the queue and go find somewhere to pee if the need became too urgent. In the meantime I would just enjoy it.

After about 40 mins in the queue I began to shift my weight around from one leg to another, by now I was dying to pee and would have given anything for relief. But I was reasonably close to the front of the queue, and a quick glance backwards told me that if I left the queue now it would be hours before I got to the front again. I crossed by legs and squeezed my thighs together, shuddering as I did. It was freezing cold and I never take a coat on a night out. The queue moved forward and I knew I needed to uncross my legs to take a few steps. I clenched my muscles tightly and shuffled forwards, oooh it was getting painful, I couldn't wait to get inside and go.

Forgetting myself for a second I did a little pee pee dance and pulled my knee up to my waist, steadying myself on the wall as I did. The guy in front of me looked round and smiled, "You ok love?", I remained clinging to the wall with my knee pulled up and my right leg wrapped around my left "No, I'm bursting for a wee!" I replied. "Oh dear, well I reckon we've got another 15 mins from here before we're inside". I didn't think I could hold on "Oooh, well, the 3 pints of Coke in my bladder are telling me that I can't wait that long, so if you'll excuse me I'm gonna nip into that bar over there for a much needed toilet break, nice talking to ya."

I braced myself for the pain of walking, knowing that in my 4 inch heels there would be a lot of jolting for my poor aching bladder. I took a step, but felt someone grab my arm, I turned around to see the guy from the queue reaching out shaking his head. I stepped back in line, "Don't go, you're so close to getting in" he said, "No, really I can't wait another 15 mins I have to go" I explained, my heels clicking on the pavement as I danced another pee pee dance. I drew my knee up and bent forwards, placing my hand over my bladder, how I longed to be able to slide it down and give myself a moment's relief by squeezing my pee hole shut. "Wow, you really need it bad! I find that kind of sexy, how about I buy you a drink if you can make it inside without peeing yourself? I promise no funny business, and you can run to the bathroom as soon as we're inside."

I smiled and nodded, all of a sudden this was fun. This was the first time I had met someone other than my boyfriend who shared my love of desperation. I knew I was close to my limit tho, and 15 minutes would be a real test. By now there was no disguising my need, I was jigging up and down constantly and dancing around on the spot, alternating pulling up my knees and crossing my legs tightly. I even jammed my hand down into my crotch a couple of times when a tiny spurt threatened to break through my quiverring muscles. I was past caring, the pained expression on my face told my companion I was in real trouble. "How desperate would you say you are, on a scale of 1-10?" he asked. "I'm about a nine and three quarters, 10 being the point at which I flood my jeans" I replied. "Well we're next inside so you haven't got long to wait for relief" he observed. I was thankful, a spurt had escaped and moistened my knickers. I stamped my feet on the pavement and drew air through my gritted teeth, there was no relief by now. I could not breathe deeply as the pressure on my bladder felt too great with each breath. I was standing with my hand jammed into my crotch, stamping my feet and almost jogging on the spot in desperation.

The bouncer on the door looked me up and down, "Hey Lee..." he yelled to his counterpart "... I think someone needs the loo, what do you reckon?" He laughed as he waited for a response. "Please, you have to let me in I REALLY need to go, I can't hold it" He gestured me inside, immediately I went to rush to the loo when I heard a voice behind me "Hey, you have to pay your entry fee!!" I turned around, there was a girl on the front desk waving to me. "I need the loo, can I come straight back?" I yelled to her "I really can't wait, please?!" "Yeah, I've heard that one a million times babe, get back here." Came the reply I was dreading, I felt a wave of desperation come over me, I squatted down and waited for it to subside before standing and rushing over to her, I threw my money at her. "You'll be lucky anyway babe, there's only one toilet working in the ladies" she jibed. Her words rang in my ears, I dashed inside, slipping off my shoes as I did so to enable me to move quickly to the rear of the club where I knew the toilets were.

As I entered the toilets she was right, only one cubicle was working. But unbelievably there was just one lady waiting, she was talking on her mobile and glanced at me as I danced around in my bare feet, both hands jammed deep into my crotch in an effort to hold on. If I had to wait for her I knew I would wet myself. To my surprise and joy once the cubicle became available she gestured for me to go first. I darted inside, I knew it would be all I could do to get my jeans and knickers off, my jeans had become tight over my swollen pee filled bladder and I had to apply further pressure to my already aching muscles in order to remove them. Before I had removed my knickers I was peeing, I threw myself down onto the toilet and allowed myself to pee through them. Oh the relief, pain coursed through my bladder as my muscles returned to their normal capacity and I felt exhausted yet aroused at the same time. Still peeing I peeled my jeans off and waited for the flow to cease. Then I removed my soaking knickers and threw them into the sanitary bin before wriggling back into my jeans. There was a wet patch in the crotch but as they were black it would not show.

I slipped my feet back into my shoes, the soles of my feet were burning from stamping on the pavement and standing for so long in the queue. Funny how I had not noticed this pain at all until now. I straightened myself up and walked out of the cubicle, to my surprise there was a line of ladies waiting, and many of them were doing a similar dance to the one I was strutting just a few minutes earlier. I returned to my evening, and met my girlfriends as planned. After half an hour my companion from the queue emerged and handed me a bottle of beer "I don't drink beer" I replied, "I thought you might say that..." he replied "...How about you drink that first and then I'll buy you a proper drink, and would you like to hold your bladder for me until we get back to my place?" "Oh, I have a boyfiend" I replied. I watched his face change, "Oh ok, should have guessed really" he replied before disappearing into the darkness. I drank the beer anyway, it tasted vile but I thought it may be a good first drink to get me desperate so I could try holding again. Since I was leaving the car behind I decided to have a few alcoholic drinks to increase my need.

After 3 large glasses of wine I was quite tipsy and we were dancing the night away, when I felt my bladder twinge. By the time my 4th wine glass was half empty I was quite desperate and enjoying being able to dance to lessen my need inconspicuously. We danced for some time before one of my friends limped over to me and rested her arm heavily on my shoulder, my feet are absolutely killing, shall we make a move home? I rounded up the girls and we walked towards the entrance, I was seriously desperate for the loo but knew I could easily hold on til I reached home so resolved to do nothing about it. One of my friends however was not feeling so brave, "Ooh I need to go to the loo" She groaned, "Will you wait?" We danced while we waited for her, she was gone for ages I glanced at my watch 1:30am, she had been gone for half an hour, by now my need for the toilet was great and I wasn't sure I could make it home anymore. I decided to cut this holding short and gain some much needed relief, as I walked towards the toilet my friend finally returned, "The ladies are closed, they're all broken, you have to wait in the mens and the queue is massive, you'll be quicker going home" I shrugged my shoulders, I guessed I would just have to wait. It was only around 40 mins in a taxi anyway.

We left the club and immediately hailed a taxi, as I stood in the cold air my bladder was screaming at me to let it release. I simply crossed my legs and tried to forget about it. We sat down which was a massive relief to both my bladder and my aching feet! I undid the top button of my jeans to give my swelling bladder some room. Then I re-crossed my legs and made myself as comfortable as possible for the ride home. We stopped off at the other girls houses first, 5 stops in total, I was the last stop but one. When we got to the second stop I undid the second button of my jeans and pushed my waistband down a little. I slipped off my shoes, pulled my legs up underneath me and sat on my heel, which made me feel much better. Jess (who was the next stop off) looked at me sympathetically "Hey, do you need it really bad? You're more than welcome to come in and use my bathroom if you like?" I was nowhere near that desperate yet, especially since I was now sat with my heel pressing firmly on my pee hole. "No thanks, I'll be fine, its only 10 minutes to my house from yours" I replied.

Almost home I sighed to myself as I saw the familiar scenery of my road, I cradled my bladder and gave it a reassuring stroke. As I did so I let out a yawn, my gosh I was tired. I slipped my shoes back on and groaned as I pulled myself to my aching feet. I hobbled up the drive, almost forgetting about the pain in my bladder to concentrate on the burning in my feet. Once inside I slipped off my shoes and jeans and placed my mobile on my bedside table, giving my sleeping boyfriend a kiss as I went, I yawned and stretched and a wave of painful desperation seared through my bladder. I turned towards the bathroom to attend my need. As I reached the bedroom door my mobile began to ring loudly, fearing it would wake my sleeping partner I dashed across the room and silenced it. It was Jo, the last girl out informing me that she had arrived hom safely. As I placed my phone on the side once more I became aware that my boyfriend was watching me. I pulled back the covers and patted the bed beside him, "Just gimme a sec I really need a wee" I whispered.

He smiled and held my hand, "Let me feel it first" he croaked sleepily.  I took a look at my watch as I removed it, 2:40am, I winced a little, my muscles were already tired from earlier and I wanted to let go, but 5 more minutes wouldn't kill me. I slid into bed, the warmth of his body had warmed up the sheets and I felt so comfy. I rested my weary head on the pillow and crossed my legs tightly, bringing them up into the foetal position as I nestled back into him. He slipped his hand around my hip and cradled my bladder, he let out a groan as he rubbed back and forth, "My, thats quite impressive..." He commented "... you must be so desperate" My eyelids were feeling heavy, maybe it was the alcohol or maybe it was his warm hand stroking and caressing the oh so tired muscles of my aching bladder but I hardly felt desperate at all, and I soon found myself nodding off to sleep.

I woke this morning with a start as there was a loud crash in the bathroom, my boyfriend's head poked around the door "Sorry, did I wake you?" I chuckled and closed my eyes, he was getting ready for work. I felt so sleepy, I could just fall back asleep. I re-positioned my leg and felt an aching in my abdomen, oh my God I had slept through my desperation. Now that I was aware of it I was wide awake, bursting to go. "Oh, I need the loo!" I exclaimed. I went to jump out of bed but was overcome with desperation, I lay back down and drew my legs up, rubbing my abdomen as I did, it was so swollen and rock hard. My boyfriend wandered into the room, lifted the covers and climbed back into bed, fully clothed. He kissed me neck and whispered "It has made me so horny all night thinking of you lying next to me, with your bladder swelling by the second" In a broken voice I replied "I can't believe I've been sleeping, what time is it? I'm bursting" I was jiggling my legs and writing around, "It's 8am, or just after" came the reply, then he once again slipped his hand over my hip and touched the outskirts of my bladder "Gently..." I encouraged "... It's really hurting"

He gently ran his hand over my bladder, my skin so sensitive I began to become aroused, I groaned in agony and ecstacy. "I want to hold it longer but I can't, I have to go to the loo" I explained. "Can you hold it for me? I'll be home at 4pm?" My boyfriend asked. "4pm, no way" I replied. "I doubt I can hold it til half 8" He continued caressing my aching tummy, then he slid his hand down to my pee hole and pushed my fingers away, giving me a rub as he did. I yelped in ecstacy and relaxed a little, a huge spurt of pee escaped and ran through his fingers. "That's it..." he encouraged "... and a little more" I relaxed again, all the time with him rubbing me, I threw my head back as I reached climax, another massive jet of pee escaped, this time soaking the sheets. "Once more... " He whispered. I relaxed a final time and allowed another jet to escape. He slowed down his rubbing and removed his now soaking hand. "Better?" He asked as he climbed out of bed, I was in ecstacy and desperately wanted more. I felt my bladder, "Yes, thank you". "Now you can hold on til 4pm" He explained before washing his hands and grabing his coat, then all too quickly he was gone.

So here I am, it is now about 2pm and I know my other half will be home around 4:15. I am now totally bursting for a pee, writing down my experience has made me feel a little aroused again and I am now struggling to hold on for the final 2 hours. I am sat on my heel bouncing up and down on the sofa, I don't think I can make it until he comes home. My abdomen is protruding far more than I have seen it do before, I am convinced that I am holding my personal best. I have drunk a further 2 bottles of water throughout the day to counteract my hangover from last night so I truly am bursting. Oooooh I really want to wait for him but I don't think I can wait much longer. He keeps sending me texts telling me how horny he is and how he wants to feel my bulging bladder. I can't find relief in any position, I've been holdin this now for about 15 hours... (It's getting close to 3pm as its taken me so long to write this paragraph, I have to keep stopping to use both my hands to give myself a moments relief) OMG I just spurted a little, think I'm back in control now. Even touching my bladder puts too much pressure on it. I know that if I manage to hold it then it'll come flooding out as soon as I hear his key in the door. My God its so painful, I want to let go but I SO want to carry on and see how much is in me... Is anyone online to offer any word of encouragement. Hope you enjoyed my story, sorry its a bit long xxxxx

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loved your story!

Great story as always :-) x

I've never read this before Bursting, how strange that I've never noticed it. Brilliant story, as usual. Just such a huge shame you didn't measure it!

Glad you liked it originalsoggybottom!

I really can hold! Although I don't particularly enjoy it once it becomes really painful, I can hold over 3 pints when abolsutely bursting but my God does that hurt! I've been holding today but don't feel too bad at the moment x

This story is soooooo HOT! I would love to hold for that long, but I have a very small bladder and I'm in agony/ecstasy after just 4 hours. I do manage to get myself to that point easily and quickly though and then I can enjoy the pain of the fullness of my bladder. I continue to hold till it hurts real bad.

Hey AliceInWonderland... I made it until my husband returned home. I was standing in the hall when he came in, I could barely stand and was in agony with desperation, I could hardly breathe I was that full. He came through the door and admired my bladder, stepping back to take a look at me from the side. My legs were crossed hard and I was struggling to hold on for a moment longer, he stepped forward and went to place a hand on my bladder but I stopped him...<br />
<br />
Instead I painfully walked into the shower and gestured for him to follow, I knew I could not hold for a second longer. I was bursting to let go! He placed his hand on my bladder while I fought to hold back, he began to stroke, applying slight pressure and causing me agony and ecstacy all at once. I felt a rush of pressure and then a loud splash as my pee flooded from me, I begged him to massage harder, as releasing my muscles was painful. We stood there, me peeing and both so aroused for some time until I shuddered with the blissful sensation of emptiness....<br />
<br />
We had the best night we have had for some time... :)

Can you give me a photo of your full bladder??lets exchange XD

ahh I so badly want to know what happenned, this is my favourite story because it is one I can actually kind of relate back to me and my boyfriend, thanks for sharing it

nice x

OMG thats so awesome! Do you use msn? I`d love to chat and give you encouragement