Need to Wee Real Bad!!!

Decided to share my first experience ,have been reading lots of stories as i often do,was aware of my bladder telling me "you need to empty me"but am waiting to see how desperate i can be before i do,am squeezing thighs quite tightly,am bouncing on my chair lots-REALLY need to wee,don't know how long will hold for am pretty desperate at moment,have started to hold crotch while writing,OMG,OMG,a little just leaked,must go and empty!!!!!

adietrev67 adietrev67
3 Responses Dec 3, 2008

Why didn`t you just let it flow ??? It`s such a wonderful feeling when it`s running down your legs...

How did this end? Did you make it to the toilet, or did you pee yourself?

Just let it go in your panties you'll love the feeling;-)