Trying to Hold On...

I'm trying really hard to hold on, haven't peed since I got up this morning and it's now almost 7:15pm! I've drunk over 2 litres of fluid through the day so am well and truly bursting now. Oh I need to pee really really really badly, can barely stay still, I'm sitting on the sofa rocking back and forth sitting on my heel typing one handed with my other hand cradling my swollen bladder.

At about 4pm I was desperate to pee so I'm amazed that I'm still holding on, it's hurting so much and I'm not sure how much longer I can manage to keep it in... I'm trying to wait until 8pm as that will make it 24 hours since I last went to the loo but I seriously doubt I'll be able to hang on for another 45 minutes as I am quite literally about to wet myself!

My legs are furiously bobbing up and down and I'm doing everything I can to try and hold on, I'm gonna stand up for a while and see if it helps to walk around a little. Oh good God I'm bursting, really really really bursting to pee. My poor bladder is screaming for me to let go but I'm gonna keep holding on for as long as possible. Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh my word I'm desperate, standing up now and gravity is not helping. I've got my legs crossed as tightly as I can manage and am shaking with the effort! Ouch, my God I'm dying to go, frantically desperate and barely able to hold it... Oh I'm getting cramps now, its hurting so much! Am going to have to go soon x

Bursting Bursting
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6 Responses Mar 12, 2009

jealous. it's only 4:18 and I havnt peed since like 6am but I don't have to go so bad yet :/

Hey it was around 6pm when my bladder finally forced me to let go if I remember rightly, so actually I had been holding my pee for around 46 hours! Although when I peed at the bathroom door there was an absolute flood so I'm sure I was only half full after that, it took me a while to feel desperate again x

I went out to the car to fetch something and began to wet myself, so my panties did get kind of wet. But I held most of it in until I got to the loo. Oh I feel soooooooo much better now, been holding that ALL day!

STILL holding, absolutely about to burst now tho. My bladder is like a rock and I'm bobbing up and down and dancing around like crazy. Oooh can't hold it much longer

Hey there, I changed my panties as I don't like to keep wet ones on I'm afraid. I am still holding, its becoming difficult but I'm going to drop my brother at the train station nevertheless! Wish me luck, I'll try and hold on until I get back then come back online. I'm living up to my name... BURSTING! x

Hey boatboy, I'm afraid I did pee my panties! Our bathroom door sticks sometimes and needs both hands to free it, since one of my hands was holding the pee back I had to make a choice...<br />
<br />
I tried for about 5 mins in frantic desperation to try and open the door one handed but before long I began to wet myself so freed my other hand and pushed the door with all my might, it was too late I was already way past bursting point and had wet myself monumentally! I managed to regain control and hold my half full bladder and am somehow still holding it now! I love the sensation of a full bladder x