Get Them Super Hard

Now...I'm not a loose woman, I love erotic asphyxia during love making (times are few and far between) and maybe a couple of other things. But teasing is great. I live miles from the city out in the boondocks but come into town to shop. No kids, husband always gone, enough of that!
So I put on my jeans (no panties underneath) a loose fitting blouse, the first couple of buttons open to show a little cleavage (I don't have a lot) and no necklaces or jewelry around my neck. I have found that men are excited about women's throats so I make sure that my small throat is very visibly.
In the various stores, hardware, grocery, I see men all the time. I'll work my way over near one or more and reach up and take something off a shelf and study it. I'll crane my neck to check items on higher shelves and can see men checking me out as I bend, stretch,extend my throat or reach down to a lower shelf and watch them see down my blouse. I love their Levis, their Hard On stands out soooooo good.
There is always some guy who will offer to get something off an upper shelf for me. I thank him, flash him a big smile and get it myself, watching his eyes look me over, undressing me. I'll smile at him and check out the bulge in his pants.There was one man,(really hot) who worked in a paint department of a large store. I handle the brushes, stroke the pain rollers and ask him a question like "How long does this brush stay soft? Does it eventually get hard?" He swallows a few times and can hardly walk thanks to his massive erection.I love to pick up cucumbers in the produce department and salami in the meat section,examine and stroke each one slowly while men shoppers are nearby. I even notice other women watching and smiling. I'll play this game for a couple hours at various stores, eventually buy what I need and go back to nowhere.
The other day I decided to go shopping wearing shorts. Now, normally I'm no exhibitionist and wear knee length walking shorts but today I decided to wear short shorts, no panties, loose blouse showing some cleavage. I'm no beauty queen but I look fairly good in a bikini so I took a chance. I went to the store as usual, waited in my car for a while to work up nerve and finally went inside.
In a matter of minutes I could feel eyes on me. I walked very slowly around the store, produce (stroke the cucumbers), dairy, clothing, stopping and feeling various items. In the Mens Wear Department I stopped and felt the material on the jeans, caressing each leg as two guys watched.
I selected a cheap shirt for hubby and "accidently" dropped it as I walked by one of the men. He immediately knelt down in front of me, picked it up and handed it to me. He hesitated a moment on his knees looking up at me and I felt a slight ****** and decided to leave before I became too excited and too wet to move. He got up, a huge hard on in his pants and I last saw him headed for the Mens Room. I went by the paint department, stopped briefly to fondle the paint rollers. The "Hottie" who works there saw me, looked me over, smiled and started moving toward me. Poor guy, he was so intent on watching me, he ran into a support post.
Satisfied with my teasing, I took my purchase to the checkout, left the store, got in my car, and locked the door. I quickly massaged my wetness to the point of satisfaction, fantasizing the guy in Mens Wear going down on me..
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4 Responses May 7, 2012

It gets hard for a reason.... a very good reason.

wow this is hot. i kinda want to go to the store right now and tease some guys with my shirt that opens out quite far between the buttons. i always make sure to wear something under it, but suddenly i want to go out wearing that on its own and see what kind of riot i can start! :)<br />
<br />
you have a very sexy way of telling a story! xo

Jackie you have a very sexy way of commenting on stories

you are an amazing woman. very sexy. you know how to live. :) next step is actually talking one home :p

you can get with me anytime, but hurry up.