My Naked Drive

I finally got up enough nerve to go for a drive totally naked. I left home, drove a mile to a secluded spot , ******** naked and left on a journey that covered about 280 miles round trip. As much as I could I stayed on 4 lane roads that basically went through large towns and small cities. That way I would have to stop at traffic lights where people in SUV's and trucks could see into my car. It was exciting but I don't know for sure if anyone did see me although I did hear some beeps at some of the lights and saw a few waves too. I do know that I passed a bus that may have been heading for a camp. I knew it was along side of me at a light and when it pulled away from me I saw a bunch of kids looking out the back windows pointing towards me. I made a turn onto another road and never saw the bus again. When I got hungry I used the drive-up at a fast foods restaurant and never even drew a comment when I leaned over to the passanger side to get my money out. For sure I am going to have to do this again on some busy roads near some big cities. But for now I'm really happy I finally did it.
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5 Responses Jul 17, 2010

I wish I dared.

good on you . Now just 1 question were u doing for the fun of being naked while drvng or were u being an exhibitionist. Dont get me wrong I lov 2 drv naked as well but only for the freedom of it . Im a naturist .

I am a naturist 2. I did this cause I wanted to try this experience. I've done it many times since.

I want to try this out with a naked buddy. I think it would be exhilarating.

wish I would have been there.