First Time Nude In Mixedsauna

When I lived in Asia I used to go a sauna sometimes, nudity was normal but as sexes were separated this didn't make much difference. One time I discovered that half an hour in a steam room would cure the sinus headaches I suffered from, after that a quick visit to the sauna became standard practice for me whenever I felt one coming on.

After I moved to The Netherlands this became a problem. I knew that here it is normal for public saunas to be mixed and bathing clothes were not allowed. I was afraid of getting an erection so put up with the pain instead, however one day it was too much so I headed for the sauna in a nearby hotel. Experienced visitors there hire a bath robe however, unsure of the procedure, I changed into my swimming shorts to pass the (clothed) pool area to reach the sauna complex. Passing through the frosted glass door I found a row of pegs with towels and robes hanging from them. Above the pegs was a poster explaining the proper sequence for taking a sauna, I stalled for a couple of minutes reading that then, with a deep breath, I pulled down my shorts, hung them up, and wrapped my towel around my waist.

Washing under the showers is the first step so I went in search of them. Now I was confronted by the first people I had seen: an old couple reclining on loungers wrapped in their robes; no problem. I found the shower room without seeing anyone else, I hung up my towel and entered. Around the walls were maybe a dozen showers each with an individual control, there were no curtains or dividers, it was just one big open space. I chose a shower in the corner furthest from the entrance. At first there was no-one else in there but soon two women - naked of course - came in. Almost on principle I began to get an erection so I turned into the corner, facing away from them, and kept washing. It must have been one of the longest showers ever, I didn't dare to turn around until they had gone again. As soon as they did I rushed to get my towel and cover up again.

The next step was to warm my feet in a shallow pool surrounded by a low wall for sitting on. The wall was wet so no towel, instead there were these blue plastic mats to sit on. Again there was no-one there and this time I was undisturbed whilst I waited the required five minutes. After a quick check of the instructions on the wall outside I went into one of the saunas; inside you were required to sit on a towel so I kept mine around my waist. Inside was a couple similarly dressed, the woman's breasts visible, I looked the other, thought of other things and managed to avoid a hard-on this time. Next it was back to the shower room for a cold shower, "to close up the pores" or something, I don't know about that but a definite benefit was to clear any lingering erection that  I had. The final step was a 20 minute rest. I decided against the large jacuzzi, where I could see several people, in favour of a lounger where I closed my eyes to avoid any stimulating images.

After the rest I started the sequence again. The shower was uneventful but trouble struck at the foot bath. I was already seated when a couple sat on the other side, she was directly opposite me so I had a clear view of her breasts and genitals only a few feet area; of course, she could see mine too! Straight away I could feel my **** stiffen, I thought it would be too obvious if I stood and walked away, so I kept my hands in my lap hiding my penis, stared down at my feet and thought of unpleasant things. I was expecting her to start shouting at any second. Fortunately this my counter-measures were enough and the crisis passed without any alarm from the couple. When they left I headed for the steam room where it was so steamy that I could barely see my own feet; no problem there.

The rest of my visit went without further embarrassment. Afterwards I realised that as long as I could avoid an erection I rather liked being casually naked in a mixed group. Since that first visit I have been to saunas a number of times, also to a naked beach on a nearby lake, and no longer have any problems with an unwanted erection.

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I relate completely. My first time in a sauna in Germany I had cover up a pretty embarrassing hard on. No, actually, a very embarrassing hard on--because I got it from looking at the shapely **** on my cousin's wife!

I spent some time in Japan and went to the public baths many times with a girfriend and her family, men, women, kids and entire familys go to these. First you shower and there are robes or towels if you want but from the showers to the pools nudity was common. There were erections from time to time but no one seemed to take much notice.<br />
<br />
When I first started going to nudist resorts I would get a stiffy once in awhile, I would hold a towel in front of me till it was gone. Adult women know it happens to guys sometimes and would probbably be dissapionted if it did'nt.

I agree with that last sentence!

Great story, thanks for sharing...

Another confirmation, by us as local experts, that indeed nearly all saunas in the Netherlands are: 1. fully nude, with bathing suits strictly forbidden 2. always mixed male/female, usually with only a single quiet morning reserved for 'ladies only' 3. receiving a slight majority of female guests, often coming in groups of colleagues or friends. No one is ashamed (they ottherwise would not come, obviously). Nowadays most people have removed their pubic hair. We know, we live here and visit saunas many times a year. A few hundres of these sometimes very large) complexes exist in the country.

jeffreyfrustrated, it's true that most saunas in the Netherlands are mixed use and nude. They don't understand why people in saunas would have clothing as they consider it unsanitary for such situations. It's the same in Germany.<br />
The first night after the first time I went to a sauna here in the US, I dreamt that I was in a mixed use nude sauna. Little did I know those actually existed.

American, but I've done sauna in Germany alot where it is coed and nudity is mandatory. I can no longer deal with a single sex sauna.