Moms Naked Son

My first time Naked would be the pool in jr hi. during boys gym but don't think that counts being a boy situation. But we did have suits to use witch I did later finding  that thay were optional So I skinny dipped. probley the only skinny dipper was fun spending the hole class naked. then skinny diping late at night but scared I'd get in the water here my water splashing though I was.t moving that much so I'd be out soon Then in the country My Dad put in a pond So I took that over. Though I should have a skinny dipping buddy to be safe but not then. Then the resort naked with others and both gender. Naked at home in my room or around the house. But textile mom isn't always open to her grown up son roming nakedI have had her read some of the A.A.N.R. Bulliten and that to has helped her more comfortable with me.  

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1 Response Dec 30, 2009

It nice she is starting to accept your nudity.