I Like To Get New Panties

I like to get new panties. I was at JC Penneys shopping for Christmas and walked through the intimate apparel section  of the store.  I found the sale/clearance racks and started to look for something I liked. 

I found several pair in pastel colors in a full brief.  Rather simple but in nylon and just what I was looking for.

You never know what may turn up.  Sometimes nothing but sometimes an armful will turn up.  It's always so much fun when you find something you like.
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4 Responses Jan 20, 2013

New panties are fantastic. Its hard not to stop buying them.

Vanity Fair full nylon briefs are my favorites. I love full cover, and how they hold me like a glove.

Nylon VF panties are so very nice.

Somehow I knew you would agree!! What size do you wear?

Depending on the panty I'll wear one in size 7, 8, 9, or 10. You?

Usually a 6, sometimes a 7, but Vanity Fair always.

When I began to sneak in my mothers bedroom and wear a pair of her panties, they were always Vanity Fair. I think it stayed with me.

Your mom has great taste.

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Isn't it great, to find something you want, like new panties and bras, and find them on sale!

Most definitely it is tghubby.


Thank-you for your comment.