Monthly Exam

A few nights ago, I had just got out of the shower when my wife called me into the bedroom. When I got there, I saw that she had lit candles and had towels covering the bed. She told me to get up on the bed on my hands and knees, " I can give you a rectal exam." Once she had me in position, she started rubbing my back with massage cream. When she got to my buttocks, she rubbed them for just a minute but then she spread them and began licking and kissing around my anus. It felt very nice and I told her that I liked it. She said, "Enjoy it while you can." She gave me a little more tongue action and then she told me, "I'm going to put my finger in your rectum." She put on a rubber glove and lubricated her finger with KY. Her finger slid into me easily and I could feel her twisting around and trying to reach as far into me as she could. I hoped that she would insert two fingers but instead she withdrew her dirty digit and said, "I can't reach far enough into your rectum with just my finger, so I'm going to use something bigger." With that, she picked up an 8" strap-on ***** and began fitting it around her hips. "Now this may be a little uncomfortable, but you have to take this all the way", she said. She put some KY on the ***** and some more on me, then she got behind me on the bed and pressed the head of the ***** against my anus. I told her I was feeling very exposed and vulnerable. I could feel my anus loosening and the ***** starting to penetrate me. There was some pain as I was being stretched open but my wife would stop for a moment, withdraw slightly, then push in again. Soon the ***** was about to slip past my sphincter muscle and enter my rectum. I told my wife that I was feeling violated and that she was really stretching my anus but she said, "It's no different than when you do it to me." She pushed a little and the ***** was definately going in me. In a couple more gentle thrusts, she had the entire length of the ***** nestled in my rectum. "That's not so bad, is it?" she asked? I had to admit that, even though it hurt some, I was alright with it. She started to withdraw the ***** but just before it slipped past my anus, she thrust back in to the hilt. I was surprised as I thought my rectal exam was over but she said I had to be "completely and thoroughly probed". Now she was pumping in and out and I said, "Honey, you're sodomizing me.' She said, "That's right sweetheart, I'm sodomizing you. I'm butt-******* you." She was clearly enjoying the power and control she had over my *** and it was starting to feel pretty good so I decided to play along with her. "**** me in the ***, baby." She responded with, "I'm ******* you in your *******." I was kind of sorry when she pulled out and wondered what was next. "The last part of your rectal exam, she said, will be an enema." She went into the bathroom and returned after a couple of minutes with a bulging enema bag. She said she was going to give me a soapsuds enema and she expected me to take all of it. She inserted the nozzle into my rectum and started the flow. She kept it slow and gentle and i was able to take the entire bag as she said, but then she insisted that I hold it for a few minutes. During that time, she told me that she would continue giving me monthly rectal exams with enemas. Finally, she let me go to the bathroom. After I washed up a bit, we had sex and I told her that she could expect a rectal exam herself in the near future.
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your are very lucky take good care of her


Great storie. I would do the enema first but hell your a luckyier man then me.

She seems to see the enema as the main event, with everything else leading up to it.

haha, like the last line.....very good.....exciting story.....glad you both like....i am sure it is very pleasurable for both!

sounds very sexy and lots of fun

She is a good lady... you better hang on to her, otherwise, I'll take her off your hands :).. bag and all!

She last did me about 10 days ago and said that she was thinking maybe I need this more often!

You folks are lucky to have a mutual enema relationship!

oh my god that was hot.

GREAT - great - story. As I now sit here with a hardon!

Very she added water play.


Hot fun for both of you. You're very lucky to have such a strong and willing wife.