My wife and I had a very naughty experience one time when we were house sitting for some friends. I had been expressing to her how much of a fantasy I had for strap-on sex. She was and still is a bit self conscious about it so it took some coaxing, but she played the role for me. What made it especially mischevious was that it was not in our home, but in a friend's living room while we were watching the place. I put on a video of a femdom doing a guy up the *** with a big black ******* and we watched it together. She was intrigued. She blindfolded me and tied my hands behind my back. Then she made me eat her ***** til she was satisfied. Next was an awkward moment in which I was left to wonder what would come next. I literally started shaking all over. This was unexpected since this was a pretty standard fantasy for me. I had just never lived it out. She had to comfort me, but when I stopped shaking, she had me bend over the couch and spanked my bottom with a leather strap. It was so hot!! I must have taken around 20 strokes when she told me to get up on the couch and stick my *** in the air. I did as I was told. She pushed my face down in the pillow and spread my cheeks. Then I felt warming lube being applied to my hole. Soon the big head of the black rubber 8 inch **** was up against my anus starting to push. I felt so vulnerable since I had not played with my *** in quite some time and it was very tight. If she was not gentle, I would have no way to do anything other than take it since my hands were still bound. Then I felt her hips begin to firmly push as she held my *** steady. My hole puckered and resisted, then in one firm shove of her hips the thick **** broke through my anus causing me to scream into the pillow. "You wanted this," she reminded me. "Yes Mistress!" I screamed! The ***** was just a lot thicker than I recall it being since I had quit playing with it when we first started dating a couple of years ago. Then she started pushing it in inch after inch and it felt like the **** would never end! I think she relished in the payback for all the times I had made her take pain up the rear for my pleasure, ignoring her cries for mercy and only thinking of how good her tight little hole felt stretched around my big thick ****. What I was now experiencing made me realize how it must have felt for her to have to take my thick **** when I had barely inserted more than the tip of finger, and I was determined to just shove it in regardless of how she begged me to slow down. Now the tables were turned and I was the one begging for her to slow down as she quickly started to **** my *** hard with the unforgiving rubber ****. This went on for at least 30 minutes. After only 5 I was begging her to take it out because my ******* was so sore! To this, she responded, "I'll just do what you do honey. Uh, no. I'm gonna **** you til I ***. This is about my pleasure remember? Payback's a ***** isn't it ******!" I tried to get up, but she just shoved my head down and told me to enjoy the ride cause it's not coming to a stop for a while. It went on and on. Finally, she was ready to get ******, so she kept the ***** up my *** and rode my **** until she came twice. When she pulled the blindfold off I was sweating. It was so amazing!!
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Sounds to me as though you have gotten yourself into a delightful time! Go get him bfly!! He'll be moaning until the walls shake.

What have I gotten myself into? gulp

I vote for payback...or maybe it's just because I'm wishing I got to take her strap on

I'm strangely turned on and a bit frightened at the same time. Lets leave it up to the audience. We had a week where I was having her bum multiple times a day until she was totally worn out. I'm pretty big too so it was no easy task. You don't think I need "payback" for that do ya?<br />
I love you honey. (grin)

She got a ***** that is much thicker than my own **** and told me that she will put it up my *** just as hard or as gentle as I do her.

Has this changed the way you have anal sex with her?

wow, that is a great story