Taking My Husband

He got home before me, like normal, and was chopping vegis in our kitchen. I walked in and gave him a quick innocent hi and a peck on the cheek then went into the bedroom, put on my black lingerie, stockings, and strap-on, and grabbed a bandana to use as a blindfold. I walked quietly back to the kitchen door and saw that his back was to me, so I waited until he set his knife down for a minute, snuck up behind him, and threw the blindfold on him really fast. I leaned forward and whispered into his ear, "I've been chatting with new friend online and it really got me in the mood for you; don't you dare resist or I will have to punish you." I then leaned up and bit/kissed him on the back of his neck and told him to follow me. I led him into the bedroom and told him to *****, and that he better not peak out of his blindfold. I told him to stand straight up and put his hands clasped behind his back, then got down on my knees and started to suck his semi-hard **** really feverishly since I was so horny. After he was good and hard, I heard him moan a little bit, so I stopped sucking and admonished him that I never told him he could make a sound. I made him get on his knees and open his mouth, then I guided the ******* into his waiting mouth and told him to suck me since he couldn't keep his mouth shut. While he sucked I talked dirty, telling him how good a ****-sucker he is and how much I wanted him to gag on my **** and how he better start relaxing his ***, since I was planning on taking him. After a few minutes, I made him turn around and climb onto our bed (still blind-folded) and stay on his hands and knees. I grabbed another bandanna and tied it around his head and in his mouth telling him he could moan a little but that he could not speak or cry out. I squirted some lube onto my hand and started working it around his ***, then laid down to suck his **** while I fingered his *** for a while, first with one then two, then three fingers. He was moaning gently with pleasure until I felt his **** twitch, I stopped sucking and pulled down on his balls to stop him from *******. I then slapped his **** as hard as I could and told him that he would not *** till I told him to. I then got up from under him and lubed up "my ****" and slowly put it into his ***. I ****** him harder and harder for close to twenty minutes, ******* twice (it rubs my ***** so good when I grind on him balls deep and I have a little bullet vibe in the strap-on). He started to moan like a ***** after about five minutes. When I came down from my second ***, I took off the harness and told my hubby to take off the bandannas and to **** me hard and to *** on my ****. He lasted all of a minute then pulled out me to *** on my chest, then I made him eat my ***** til I came a final time. I then pulled him up to me, we kissed (letting me taste my ***** on his mouth) and I let him go back to finish dinner!
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I will cook dinner for you anytime!

What a good wife. My wife said she would do me like that her soon.

now that is one hot story.....looking forward to when that happens to

oh MY GOD that was so HOT I coud just imagine my wife doing that to me. that would be so nice. YOu are a very good wife to trat your husband to this and for sharing with us. <br />
<br />
thanks maybe make him tell us how much he enjoys it and what he realy likes!

Aren't you the sweet, adoring wife! I like it!!

Now that is hot ....

oh that is so hot I will have to show this story to my wife that sounds like so much fun

What a good wife.