Thank You Mister Mail Man:)

Okay, so me and my best friend (partner) have been throwing around the idea of toying with my *** for a few months now, and after showing her some peg videos she really started warming up to the idea. She has been doing my make up and helping me dress before sex( I cross dress) for the past three months and I recently expressed to her that I would like my *** taken by her, I'm not much into Dom or anything and neither is she so we agreed that our experience would be more of a fun pleasure sesh like usual. So when the time came I took my paycheck and bought a comfort fittings harness that looks like booty shorts with a 7" purple *****. Without her knowing I sent it to her house (on a week when her parents were gone) and waited. I got an email saying the package arrived but still no mention from her. A couple days went by and still nothing so I decided to stop by for a visit. We watched some movies and hung out for a while when she tells me something came in the mail. Pretending I had no idea she led me to the bedroom and showed me the purple *****, but no harness. We talked about how random it was that it just showed up. It was beautiful . Just seeing it made me shiver with pleasure. Then I started to worry that she got rid of the harness but still I said nothing. We proceeded to fool around and after some playful kissing she started to blow me. It was great, just like any other time but she must have been thinking for a while because she got up the courage to ask if she could finger my hole. Trying to hide my smile I shrugged and said why not. She lubed up her finger and began to tease me , pricing the rim and eventually putting it in and exploring. All while sucking me off it was wonderful. I thought I might blow right there but she stopped . I asked what was wrong and she shyly asked if she could try her new toy on my ***. Now I was really getting exited , the thought of that purple shaft inside me made me want to scream yes, so I agreed. She made me bend over her bed and spread my legs a little, so she could get a better view then I felt it. A wet slippery head beggining to to find its way inside of me. Slowly and easily.. it did. God it was amazing. Feeling the fullness of it inside my *** gave me the biggest hard on. I felt it slowly going in and out taking the full 7" and getting faster and harder. Then she took both hands on my hips and began slamming her hips against my ***. I was so confused. By now I had forgotten about the harness and when I turned around she was wearing it! She had it on the entire time and I had no clue. We tried several positions that she liked being ****** in and finally she put me on my back with my heels over her shoulders thrusting away. I was no longer tense and I relaxed and focused on that ***** taking me completely.I could hear slight moans from her and could clearly seethe harness was dripping wet. I could tell she was about to *** and I was to. She spread my legs and lay on top of me still pounding my ***, squeezing her breast and licking them when suddenly .. I came. But not like usual. I shot so hard it went clearpast her face on the bed somewhere. Then I came again and again all within a minute I shot my load 5 times while she to had a huge ****** . Unable to move we both just lay there .her **** inside me still and trying to catch our breath. After a while she muttered something and when I looked I saw almost all of my *** drenched on her face, and god she was happy. With the biggest smile side ever seen on her she rolled over next to me, wiped off her face and we just talked quietly for ten or so minutes when she finally looked at the ceiling with a sigh of relief and said "thank you Mister mail man"
want2be15 want2be15
18-21, M
Jan 21, 2013