I Get It From My Girlfriend

I had been suggesting to my GF that I wanted us to try anal sex.  She would let me finger her while I was going down on her and we had gotten to the point of her fingering me while giving me head.  It had gotten to the point of me being able to get three fingers into her and she seemed to enjoy the feeling.

I had suggested that we buy a couple of ****** to use on each other, but she wasn't being very receptive to that idea.  I had reached the point of accepting the fact that as far as I was going to get was fingering her and giving her a good ******* with my tongue.

One evening we were in the midst of our foreplay when she said that she had something she wanted to show me.  From a drawer in the nightstand by her bed, she produced a leather ***** harness and a fairly good sized *****.

She told me that if I would let her use that on me, first, she would be open to the idea of allowing me to have anal sex with her.

I readily agreed.

She quickly donned the harness with its realistic penis looking *****.  She became somewhat dominating and told me that I had to suck the ***** first.  I didn't have any problem in doing that, taking a submissive position, kneeling in front of her and giving the ***** a good blow job.

After she was satisfied that I had sucked enough, she had me get on my hands and knees, on the bed, with my rear end in an elevated position.

She had bought some K-Y gel, and using an old contraceptive foam applicator, she filled it, then putting a little of the gel on my anal opening and fingering me, she inserted the applicator and filled me with the lubricant.

I was anticipating what she was going to do next, and was trying to stay calm and relaxed.  She took a position behind me and pressed the head of the ***** against my anus.  It penetrated past the first set of muscles and then she slowly entered me to the full length of the *****.  I felt like I needed to *** right then.

She began a rhythmic in and out motion and at the same time was able to reach around and take me in her hand for a slow hand-job.

I didn't last but about 5 minutes before I unloaded a huge load of ***.

After resting for a while, she allowed me to have a round of anal sex with her.

Since then, it has become a somewhat regular thing at least twice a week for us to have anal sex.

I've learned that if she waits a short while before she starts to give me a hand job, my delivery is very forceful and plenty.  She won't always give me a hand job and will want the full amount given to her.

I really enjoy it when she becomes the dominant one in our role playing and uses it as a punishment and doesn't allow me to have her or to even ***.

I can only recommend it to those who are in a very good relationship.

DeepStorm63 DeepStorm63
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7 Responses Oct 4, 2009

I'm going to try to get my girl to do that with me

Amazing and very erotic. BIG THUMBS UP !!!

You make me want to save my marriage...

Was anal sex with your GF what you expected it to be?

I love it when I come home from work and my wife is sitting on the couch with her strap-on .She likes to make me suffer.So she thinks.

I am planning on purchasing a Sybian so that my GF can have a ride on it. We have watched a video of women riding it and it has intrigued us enough to want make a purchase.<br />
<br />
I'm going to let her be the first to try it and then I'm wanting to give it a try myself.

:) Looks like you've found the secret to big success! Your story isn't just hot - it's also lovely!<br />
<br />
My wife had me ride a sybian once, then took me back to the hotel room and did an imitiation sybian ride!