First Time With A Strap On

I was dating an older woman that was a widow twice.  Both of her husbands died during sex and both were bi swingers like her.   I met her by accident at a function and I offered to make her dinner at her place.  As I cooked, we flirted and kissed as I prepaired the dinner.  At one time she changed out of her jeans and into another pair.  Later I found out she got wet and came in her pants while I was kissing her.   That night after dinner we made our way to the bedroom and I saw a bed that was design for serious love making.  Each corner of the bed was two foot diameter wooden column and it had wrought iron canopy for hanging devices.   For a woman of 62 she was quite sex and had a tatoo of a butterfly on her shaved *****.   Well after we both came for the first time, she flipped me onto my stomach and get on all fours.  With her tongue she starting lick and ******* my *** with tongue.   This was such a turn on.  As I got lost in the sensation, she was slowly putting a strap on.  She reached down and put lotion on my *** and before I knew it she had it inside me.  It was a strange sensation that I give into her.  As she thrusted deeper, I could her right hand grab my **** and stroke it with each thrust.  It was not long before I came.  I was a little sore but it was still very pleasent

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7 Responses Dec 26, 2009

One of my favorite ways to ******!!

wow I emailed this to a wife maybe she will **** my hot hole for me

Thats one way to break the ice and get straight into it !!

ooh nice

WHAT a first date!!!<br />
What was the second one like???

That sounds like the greatest first date EVER!

First date courage ... Wow!