******* Freaking Out. Over Nothing.

This literally just happened to me like 5 minutes ago - as of writing this anyway.

I got home from work, cause I like doing weekend work for more $ to waste on weekends lol I had a pill on my way home with a dude from work who I drove to the pub and then home so I'm a bit more than just stoned per se.

So here I am now at home, and I get a call from a mate, she's having a house warming tonight so yeah I'm talking 'Yeah sweet I'd love to be there Ill come with bells n whistles and yeah Ill call josh etc blah blah" But the whole time I'm talking to Emma...I'm looking for my weed.

Where the **** is it? I left it RIGHT there! On my table next to the fridge. Where the **** is it?

I'm looking frantically on the floor and EVERYWHERE! The whole time but having a casual convo with Emma. Dont worry but, she knows im a stoner, I'll tell her this when I get there tonight she'll probably laugh and call me a dickhead.

Anyway it turns out mum threw it out. I just got off the phone to her and let her know that my new dealer wraps it in alfoil cause my old dealer retired and she used to put it in saddy bags. Crisis over now anyway. As I sit here pretty baked but also rather alert.
DannyB85 DannyB85
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1 Response Sep 7, 2012

At least your mom doesn't mind it.. My mother would've flushed it down the toilet! >.