Sorority Wedgie

Sarah, the sorority president, pushed me to the ground. She asked "Are you ready for your initiation" I swallowed hard and took a deep breath, she grabbed my black thong out of my jeans and then really started to pull hard, she continued to pull harder and harder. My front wedgie had reached my boobs, I started to moan. She said "Oh you like that, huh?" I blushed as she reached my neck. She flipped me over and un-did my neon green bra, and turned it around so I had the hooks for the bra in the front. She turned me over again and pulled up my thong until it reached my boobs, she gave me a frontal bra connection wedgie, then she flipped me over again. She had reached down my jeans searching for my thing and retrieved it, then she tugged. I felt immense pain, she smirked and put me in a jock lock wedgie while in a frontal bra connection wedgie. I smiled too.
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Nice story :)

This one was fake, I am going to put up real ones, I was just bored. Did you like the story though?

I did like this story. I hope you write your real ones this way.

I wrote a new REAL story about me and my friend Nicole, I hope you enjoy! It's called I asked for it......

yeah arnet they for like umm private schools or colleges

Yeah, colleges. And she's not even 16.

You're a little too young to be in a sorority, aren't you?

umm she could go to a private school

Please check out my other story


it wont let me ???

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