I Asked For It.....

"I am sooooo bored" my friend Nicole had said. I frowned and said me too, then, I hatched an idea. " Want to give me a wedgie for fun?" She laughed because she knew I liked receiving wedgies. "Are you sure you are ready for this?" I replied with a smile and she lifted me by the back of my blue lace undies. They started to tear, "Go put on more durable, stretchy, undies for this one" I did as I was told and changed in some purple panties made out of spandex. She yelled "ASSUME THE POSITION!" I got on all fours and stuck out my butt. She giggled and climbed on top of my back. She slowly maneuvered her hands down my Hollister jeans and grabbed my leg holes. Nicole tugged upwards, I screeched, then with one hand she spanked my *** and laughed. I started to moan and giggle too. "Feel good?" I nodded in response and she said "Well, lets see if we can change that" She slapped my *** one more time before pulling my leg holes up to my neck, Oh my god, she was going to give me an atomic wedgie I said to myself. She heard me groan again and pulled them to the sky, I swear I couldn't feel my *** anymore. She hopped off my back and told me to stand in front of her, I obeyed and she reached down the front of my jeans for the front of my purple panties. She lifted me off the ground and said "TELL ME WHO THE 13TH PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IS RIGHT NOW OR I WILL LIFT YOU HIGHER!!" I screamed and said "UHHH GEORGE WASHINGTON?????!!" "Wrong." She lifted me even higher and I screeched, I said "Okay, this is starting to hurt, please put me down." She smiled and replied "AHH, wrong answer" She pulled even higher and I screamed bloody murder. "You were right, this is fun" She tugged my purple panties that wouldn't rip again "but I am done with you." Nicole dropped me to the ground and I imediatley grabbed my v******. "OHHHHHH, my babiesssss:(" She laughed even harder. She kicked me over and gave me a jock-lock wedgie, then weaved my hands though my leg holes and hand cuffed them. She had taped the key on my bra strap -.-
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Dam bet you were sore after that , great story :)

Extremely so, but I liked it

U have a kik I'm really 14 and mine is zachhugs21

lol i added u


well said

Why'd she deserve it lol

lol why the hell would george washington be the 13th president lol hahahahaha its clearly.....................................Millard Fillmore

I was in pain, there was no time for thinking

lol i looked it up

ohh man umm geez were u mad at her of wat she did dii u foegive her i mean u told her stop and she didint are u still friends

I forgave her because she is the only friend I told about me liking wedgies

lol how old are u im 15 but i put 18 due to age restrictions

Oh, yea that was probably smart since I can't join some groups:/ Oh whatever, I'm 14 by the way

i bet ur height is like 5'4

close, but no cigar, 5"2

aww almost had it though wat u think of mt profile pic :D

Lol cute, i love kittens

lol me too everyone says im wierd that i love kittens in little costumes im so awsome

niice, lol

lol i wanna add u to my group but it wont let me hey go to ur settings and put 18-21 and go to the bottom and click save kk


mmmmeeeeeeeeeeeep lol
potato unicorn monkey who wuves bannanas lol to many n's and a's lol :FFDDDD

wut, lol i bathe in fruity pebbles and snort them :RDDDDDD

aww so cute lol :D

Okaay try adding me now


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