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Friend Asks Me To Give His Wife A Sensual Massage

I do like to give a lady a sensual massage. As a professional massage therapist it’s a massage that I do off the clock for my own enjoyment of doing the massage. Over the last 20 years I’ve had the pleasure of giving many. Sometimes a couple wants one as the other watches, either to learn or just for their own pleasurable experience. There are 3 memorable ones. One was when a guy and 2 women, I assume were his girlfriends, came to see me for a massage for one of his ladies. The second is when a lesbian couple came to learn how to do a sensual/erotic massage. The last is when a friend asked if I could give his wife a sensual massage. That massage is the subject of this story. Sorry it’s so long.

Getting that request from a friend, this friend in particular, floored me. I’ll call them Carla and Russ. For a long time Russ has known I give sensual massages. He also knows when I give a massage, sensual or otherwise, it’s all about the person on the table. Most importantly, he knows if I’m giving a sensual massage the lady on the table knows that is what is going to happen. If I’m giving a sensual/erotic massage I don’t have sex with the lady I’m massaging. For those purists out there, I don’t **** her or use my tongue anywhere, regardless of how much I may want to. I use only my hands during the massage. He knew asking me to do the massage would get his lady’s motor running, but I was not going to be taking her for a ride. He would.

I went to their house at the agreed to time. They have a massage table and a nice space in which it is set up. The room temperature was a little on the warm side, but that’s good for the person getting the massage. They also had their massage oil of choice brewing in a warmer. I’ve shown them massage techniques in the past. So it was not my first time there, but I admit it was awkward knowing that I was going to be seeing and touching his wife in a way I never have before.

A few drinks softened everyone’s nerves. Carla wore only a silky, short and very flattering wrap. Russ had on a pair of running shorts and was already sporting some wood. Carla seemed to be in a sultry mood. I don’t think I could have chiseled the grin off of Russ’s face. I had on jeans and a shirt.

I asked Carla to lie face down on the table and we could get started. She took off her robe and got on the table. She is about 5’6”, not thin or slender, but in shape with what I would guess B-cup breasts, each capped with very hard and protruding nipples. By the look on Russ’s face, she’s a very beautiful woman in his eyes. Standing at the head of the table I took some of the warm oil and starting at her shoulders, I slowly and gently coated her with the oil all the way down to her feet.

Once I start the massage I do not like to break contact until I’m done with that side of the person. With the oil pretty much everywhere I need it I can then get busy. I worked my way back up to her shoulders. From there I could spend time getting her comfortable with my touch, making sure I was using enough pressure, but not too much. I could also start to read how she reacts to my touch.

Long, firm strokes from her shoulders to her butt got soft moans of pleasure from her. Continuing those strokes I worked my way out to the sides of her ribs, softly brushing the sides of her breasts. She moved her arms, which were on the table along her sides, away from her allowing her forearms to hang off the table. She also oh so subtly spread her legs a little further apart. She was definitely getting into it. As was Russ, who sat quietly with his drink in one hand and is other hand resting on the hard-on visible in his shorts. I continued working on her back, changing from brushing the sides of her breasts to gliding along their softness which caused Carla to slightly rise to grant me better access with each pass up her sides.

I continued to work on her upper body, but now included her soft butt. My strokes up and down her back and along the sides of her breasts and ribs now included butt cheeks. Soft, gentle strokes on both cheeks changed to slow, more firm kneading of each cheek separately. More moans from Carla told me I was doing ok. Standing at the side of the table I would firmly grasp and squeeze both *** cheeks, lifting as I squeezed and pushing my thumbs up across the length of each soft cheek.

I discovered she liked having her cheeks pulled apart showing me her little puckered rosebud. I took that as a queue to grab some more warm oil with one hand and let the oil drip into her butt crack, running down and mixing with what I could see was a growing wetness between her legs. With my thumbs on the bottom of her *** I slowly slid them down between her legs to touch the table, careful not to touch her *****, and then traced across the bottom of each cheek as my hands worked their way up across her bottom, along her sides where she lifted herself allowing me to gently cup each breast. Her movements and sounds told me she wanted me to spend more time there. I wanted to also, but it wouldn’t be enough of a tease if I didn’t get back to her bottom. With a gentle squeeze of each nipple, causing her to moan a throaty ‘yes’, I slowly glided my hands back to her bottom.

Russ was also enjoying the moment. He kept shaking his head as if in agreement with what was happening. His hand was no longer on his shorts as is **** was now peeking out one of the leg holes. He slowly was massaging the moisture on the end of his **** with his thumb and forefinger.

Just as I included massaging her bottom as I massaged her back, I now started to include her legs and feet as I massaged her slowly gyrating butt. I slowly, but firmly, ran my hands up each leg, from ankle to low back. As I moved up the inner thighs I would teasingly trace between the sides of her ***** and each leg with my thumbs. On some of those strokes I would press my thumbs towards each other gently squeezing her plump ***** between my thumbs. As I massaged up her inner thighs Carla tried to move so my thumbs would slide into her very wet *****. I teased her, but didn’t enter the wet slit.

Before completing her back side I spent a fair amount of time on her feet. She moaned with pleasure as I gave careful attention to each toe. The foot massage also kept her grinding her ***** into the table. Poor Russ now had his shorts off and was sporting a raging hard-on. I then asked Carla to turn over.

Just as I did with her back, I gently and slowly spread the warm oil from her forehead to her toes. Her moving around on the table made that a little more of a chore than it was with the other side. I could tell it would be tortuous for Carla if I spent much time on her arms and hands. I quickly did them as well as her face and head. I moved from gentle caresses of her neck and throat to her shoulders and chest.

Carla does not have large breasts, but the sensitivity of her nipples give her a wonderful package for enjoyment. Standing at the head of the table my hands glided down the center of her chest, moving to the outside of her hips as my fingertips almost touched the top of her *****. As I brought my hands back up along her sides Carla raised her chest almost offering her breasts to my hands. I kept my hands along her ribs to the top of her chest, above her breasts. Teasingly massaging her pecs I took the queue from her moans and squirms and slid my hands to her ****, firmly squeezing each one, but careful not to touch her nipples yet. I squeezed, gently pulled and twisted both **** at the same time. Carla’s raised her back off the table and bucked her hips.

Then I squeezed and firmly held and pulled each nipple between my thumb and forefinger. She bucked, moaned she was ******* and put her hands on mine squeezing her **** to her chest hard. Russ was now standing and stroking at a quicker pace than before.

I knew things were now on a fast track. As Carla slowly came down from her plateau, I continued to knead her breasts. It was hard not to since she had not let go of my hands and she was squeezing her **** with my hands between her hands and ****.

After she let go of my hands I slowly slid my hands down her belly. She raised her hips to meet my fingertips as they approached her now drenched *****. Still not ready to slide into that slit I traced along the crease of her leg and *****, squeezing her ***** between my hands with each stroke up and down.

Her hip movements as well as Russ’s pointing told me I needed to feel that *****. It only took a few strokes of lightly sliding my finger along her dripping ***** and brushing her **** until Carla sat up, grabbed my hand which was already on her *****, pulled it tight to her and squeezed her legs together and yelled/cried she was *******.

At that point my hand was just along for the ride in her hand as she squeezed, wiggled, pushed my fingers inside and seemed to have a great time.

I don’t know how long it took. She eased her pressure on my hand, but didn’t let go. She was sweaty, I was sweaty, and I’m glad I had pants on because I think Russ was ready to **** anything that moved.

Carla looked at me and then Russ. She announced she needed to be ****** hard. I took that as my hint to reclaim my hand. I grabbed a towel just as Russ was grabbing Carla’s ankles and sliding her wet ***** towards his huge **** he now had laying on the end of the table. He didn’t even break his gaze from between her legs as he laughingly told me he hoped I understood, but could I show myself out. As I was going out and locking the door behind me I could hear the wet slapping sounds and moans of a good ******* going on.

I was happy. I gave a sensual massage and I think everyone enjoyed it.
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Gentle, sensual but urgent at the same time. Sometimes it's more about what you don't or nearly don't touch that gets the highest reaction and that was proved by you. Very well written, thanks.

Thanks for the comments. It was, and often is, a time when the 'game' of the journey played out in an almost agonizingly pleasurable way for all, including me, lol. Everyone pretty much knows what the destination is, so I don't think getting there should be routine or something that can be anticipated. I definitely agree with you about the increased arousal of not or nearly not touching where it may be expected.

Wonderfully written, loved the detail and the buildup. Thanks for sharing!

Holy cow! I must read again after work. Once is not enough. Great story. Thanks for sharing this amazing story.

I should not have read this experience while I'm at work, you write of a sensual and erotic time, and I am ready for my own massage now.

Lol, now you can grin with naughty thoughts and everyone will wonder what's on your mind. I'm glad you enjoyed. I hope you do get that massage.

Mmm i`m sure trev would let you do the same for me if you are available, would like you to be naked as well tho.
Sounds like you are very respectful & thoughtful of a womans needs. Great story,am very wet now as I put myself in her place on the table. Thanks for sharing. Xxjan&trevxx

You are most welcome. I'm sure it would be my pleasure to do the same for you.

Well, that's great -- however, when I sensually massage a woman, I'm just as turned on as she is. I could never massage with clothes on, I'd just be too hard, and it would be damn uncomfortable. It's just too much to do what you describe and not go farther -- at least for me.

I could never have left as you did without some..reciprocation! You're stronger than I am.

I loved your story I want to have someone give my wife a massage like that and I wouldn't mind watching him **** her.

The heck with my wife, I want that massage! Damn!

Wow ! hot story ! did you have to takes matters into your own hands after all that foreplay ?

When I got home I did, lol.

Amazing. Just shot my load

Excellent story; well written, engaging and very erotic. Its a shame that we moved from Philadelphia as I would immediately be working to convince you to perform the same on my wife. Perhaps next time we visit friends in PA we can book a little relaxation time! ;)

I'm glad you enjoyed it. Lol, your visit sounds like a plan. I do sometimes have to travel for continuing ed. I'll have to pay attention to where I go.

I also have another recent massage experience to share. I think if you liked this one you will also like that one. I liked it better, lol. I'll probably have some down time due to the storm. Maybe I can get it posted in the next day or so.

That was amazing and so ******* hot, I wish u could *** and do my wife! Wow! I about came in my pants jsut reading this story. I would want you to continue the massage as I ****** my wife!

well you do have to please the customer they say!Think you did that splendidly!

Wow! I'm all hot and bothered now, wish I could find such a great service close by.... so sexy!!!!

That experience does get the juices going. I'm glad you enjoyed it. It was, and is, fun. Thank you.

Thank you for sharing - delicious!

Very nice story. Thanks for sharing it. Good friends are hard to come by these days.

What a great re-telling of this experience. Thank you for sharing it.

That was exciting. It got me hard and ready to **** her too. Hehe

Damn! Great recounting of events. I will try not to think about it while at my massage tomorrow...

They are pretty hard to forget, lol.
Oooooh, I think you definitely should think of it tomorrow while at your massage. Who knows ....

Then come tell us about it, lol.

A wonderful description of a wonderful event for all concerned!

Story well told! Thank you, it made me very wet just reading it. It must have been a delight to perform. Sounds like it was fun for all. What a wonderful experience!

It was a delight and it made me wet doing it. I'm glad it 'stirred' you in a good way, lol.

That is great! My only question is why didn't the husband just massage her himself?

I don't know how often, but they do massage each other. I think I'm just a different kind of foreplay when they want to spice things up. I'm just lucky to have the part I have.

Great experience, thanks for sharing. I am not sure I could do a friend like that with the hubby watching but then I am not a professional. Well done.

The first time was really awkward. I think what helped was everyone knew I was only doing the massage and not expecting any sexual favors. I've massaged for them a few times since then. It's still a little awkward being that intimate with the wife of a friend, but I think they use the whole experience as spicing things up a little.

Impressive that you can retain that kind of control and focus. Sounds like a special relationship. You are a lucky one!

Lol, don't be impressed. If I was that good at retaining control I wouldn't have the wet spot in my pants when I'm done. I do count my blessings though for my opportunities.