My War Of Wedgies

So this is a story from a few yers back
Ski was hanging out with a friend of mine, Sierra, and and we wer bored so she said "lets have a wedgie war. First one to pull the others thong 20 times wins. Bonus points if you rip it."i said "ok lets go " I jump up a d grab her thong by the front and yank it into her pu$$y. She screams out a d I let go. She turns away from me to fix it and I grab the back of her exposed thong and rip it upwards giving her a squeeky clean from lips to crack. She yellz "you are SO dead! "I run to the door and try it. Locked. I don't see Sierra run up behind me and pull my thong till it reaches my neck. I LOVE IT!!! It hurts a little but the pain in my @$$ turns me on. I could feel the front of my thong getting wet. I also enjoyed this. I was so horny that I didn't realize sirrah ripping my sopping wet thong off me, the *** slidding through my pu$$y and @$$. She yellz real loud "I WIN!!" And I'm like "yes you do" I look Down at her crotch and realize she cummed 2. At least I'm not the only one. Throughout the whole experience I realized I could do this wenever I wanted because she lives right next door. I was in for a horny summer.
And it was. We had 25 wedgie wars. I cummed every time and so did she. We ripped 60 thongs that summer. I won 16 times. See u next summer Sierra.
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Dec 1, 2012