I like to secretly pay the check for a random table when I go out to eat sometimes. Or, the kids will go deliver a basket of food or a grocery store gift card to a needy neighbor.

We live by "what goes around, comes around"...it's a good way to live your life.

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That is a great way to live. Amen to you.....

I have done this and also done this for others. Just this past week i was in line in the grocery store and there was a little old man (ancient) trying to use his EBT card to purchase bread, eggs, and milk...nothing unusual... The card would not go through as we stood there for many minutes as he kept trying and the transaction kept coming back denied. Although I don't have as much money as I once did I told the cashier to add his purchases to mine and I would pay for it. He kissed me on the lips because he was so happy. (He gave me a cold by the way too.)

that's a pretty good technique,subtle and inspring random gratitude-I try to make a regular practice of doing someting nice without "getting caught"

Wow, I really know how to pick the right people to be friends with - you are an amazing woman with an amazing family!! I am honored to be your friend!!