I Got to Practice This One Today

Bicycling busily home this afternoon,kid(teen?early 20's at most)"gotta smoke?" "ummm,yeah.(cost-2 menthols)Where ya headed?""Fort Bragg"-about a hundred miles up the coast..."well,there's a bus that'll take you as far as Duncan's Mills-but it"s usually just as well to hitch,easy to get stuck there(elev.20-pop.80:not much traffic)"I haven't got any money..."..."well,ya got any food?"no.""have you got a can opener?"-no. ok,I'll be back in a few if you're still here..."

okay,my much anticipated lunch can wait,I'm on a mission.Quickly raid the pantry,assemble mixed nuts,granola bars,juice,canned apricots,beans and a mighty fine can of soup-with pop-top,no opener nessesary.Also sunscreen.Now should I include an old spare swiss army knife?ponder ponder search search search,no can't find it amidst my mess,so  a steakknife and a spoon will have to do,time is of essence.Oh yes,and a small homemade frozen lemon tart,now that's classy.

so it's a quick jump back to the corner and of course the bewildered youngster is still there,I know from experience this can be a real dead zone as far as hitching goes...in a jiffy he is gratefully drinking a cold mango juce and I am soon back to EP,much richer in spirit and happy with the knowledge that at least he won't have to scrounge too hard on this leg of whatever quest he's on.

Can't judge the wayward traveller,but who would hit the coast without any grub?Not me,in my many years of road-doggin' I'd always carry some sustenance-don't like that particular insecurity.Or was it all just a ruse?That was an expensive backpack he had...like I say,mine is not to judge but I can certainly take 10 minutes to re-affirm a small bit of compassion,it keeps me grateful and humble.Nice weather today,also.

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3 Responses Jul 8, 2009

I've seen worse,most likly him as well...gratitude is wherever you allow it to be.hope your day is blesst as well-I like the fact that my writing is moving along regularly here on EP-appreciate your comments.

well,yeah,money often goes'round the corner to the local malt liquor merchant and I'm hoping not to support them-though I sure used to...food adresses an immediate need and puts good energy into the world.<br />
keep it flowin,'folks.

Thanks for sharing your story! I'm not one to give money, but I've given many a stray granola bar from my purse away, or whatever I've had on me to give.