I like to give comforting words. Assure people that everything is going to be okay. Tell them the world would not crumble from that one tiny mistake. Tell them it is a free world and you're free to feel anything. Be it cry or lashing out.
You might say your world has been shattered but by all means you can repair it. Time will heal wounds be it tiny or deep be it emotionally or physically.
Never hurt yourself or let yourself be the victim of your own feelings. Everyone has self pity. You might be sad now, but when you think back to this day this sad sad day in the future, you'll be thinking it's really dumb to be sad. You wanna die? You wanna suicide? You feel sad and now you want people you love to be sad because you're sad. There's much more to look forward to into the future. What has happened already happened, nothing changes the past no matter how you hold on and wish for it. Learn to let it go. All these overwhelming and extreme feelings will pass eventually. Dwelling in the past does you no good. Living in the memories of the past, they're virtual and unreal. Living in denial and ignorance. You'll snap back to reality.
Everything is temporary. Nothing is forever. Cherish what you love before it fades away. Don't cry because it's over, smile because it has happened.
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Aug 20, 2014