First Time Giving

There are many stories from people telling about the first time they were given an enema, but not nearly so many about the first time they administered an enema to another person. I had some girlfriends that were willing to give them to me, but when I asked to give them one were reluctant. About 12 years ago, I was dating a divorcee and we had been having sex for a few months. I took the risk of asking her "What would you think about us giving each other enemas?" I expected a put-off look and "I don't know" response that I'd got before, but instead she smiled and said, "I've never done that before. She even agreed to go first. I showed her the equiptment and filled the bag about half-way with warm water. I told her to take everything off and I laid her down on her left side just outside the bathroom (more room there). I inserted the enema tube into her anus and asked her, "Are you sure you want to do this?" She said she did and I started the water flowing gently into her rectum. She said it felt alright but this being her first enema I didn't want to rush it. After a few minutes she had taken all the water and did not feel uncomfortable so I had her lay with me for a couple of minutes before I sent her to expell the enema.

When she came out, she said the experience was "Interesting and maybe helpful." Apparently, she has occassional constipation and her fiber drinks didn't always do the trick. She said she would be willing to take an enema again some time. She later administered a similar enema to me. A few weeks later, she asked me to penetrate her anally. We continued to give each other enemas and have anal sex, and I eventually married her.
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I really like the story as I love to give and receive enemas and have anal sex as it is very sexual and turns me on alot and gives a hardon just thinking about it.

Gave her an enema first thing this morning. I just got up and put on a rubber glove, lubed my finger and put it in her bottom. After some feeling around and going in and out, I told her that I was going to give her an enema. I went into the bathroom and filled the bag. She got on her hands and knees. While the warm water flowed into her, she played with herself. She went to the bathroom as soon as she'd taken the all the water. Then we went out to breakfast.

I like giving enemas, too. But I like getting them better! I knew a couple of guys who liked enemas and were very much in love with each other. Once a month they would get together. One would take care of giving the other enemas. The giver got to decide how many, how much, how long to hold, how long to rest in between, and when to quit. They would alternate who was to give monthly. <br />
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After the giver had decided that his beloved was clean, relaxed, comfortable, and ready, they would finish up by making love to each other for the rest of the day<br />
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Talk about relation building!

We all dream of the perfect relationship. Personality, looks, enjoyment of similar interests. I hope you have a long life together. It's not all about single facets of living, it is all about all the different facets.

nnow that is a nice story,If I were that lucky I just would not believe it,way to go hagfish....way to go