I Want To Give My Wife (or Another Woman) An Enema.

I would like to give my wife (or another woman) an enema. She has such a nice little butthole! I already enjoy kissing and licking it and probing it with my tongue (and fingers and ****) that I suspect she might even enjoy it. I would mix up a nice warm soap enema, get her completely naked, and put her in the shower. Then I'd have her bend over, lube the tube, and insert it gently into her tight little anus. I'd make her take as much as she possibly could, then allow her to go to the bathroom. It would be nice if I were naked too. While she sat, I'd have her kiss and fondle my hard ****. What a fantasy!
afriendtowomen afriendtowomen 56-60, M 4 Responses Oct 25, 2011

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I finally got the opportunity to give my wife an enema. She just had surgery a few days before and was really constipated. She talked to a nurse friend and she suggested that she take an enema for quick relief. She asked me if I would give her one and I agree to do it. She only wanted a fleet enema and since her surgery was on her left hip I gave it to her while she was in bed. I was so excited about giving her the enema but I didn't let on to her. I loved the experience. I hope she gets constipated again and wants me to give her another enema.

Grow up with enema's, from my mother. Had a boyfriend who was in to giving me enema's, and i enjoyed them, i find them to be very sexy. Would like someone to give me an enema agian.

Maybe. I know that she likes her anus played with. She enjoys the analingus I perform on her. I sure would like to stick slender tube in her and fill her right up with nice sudsy water. Then, while she sat on the toilet, I'd put my **** in her mouth.

Surely you can work something out with her.