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Katie thought she trusted John although she had not known him long. He would be the first person Katie had ever told. If she could only risk it! Did she trust him enough to tell him? Maybe John would be different? A few times before she had been tempted to tell a boyfriend, but never had. She was so scared that their reaction would be disgust and she would be so ashamed if her secret got out.

She was very scared now, she so much wanted to tell John because what he had done a few minutes earlier might just mean that he shared the same interests. If he did then they could share the fantasies. She would not have to just keep them secretly in her head, or act them out alone as she had done from time to time. The possibility that just maybe he did, excited her immensely. Her thoughts ran on uncontrollably, for a moment she was no longer scared, rather was wildly optimistic and terribly aroused.

The debate went on in her head. Had she just imagined what he had done? No, she was sure that his finger had caressed her there for a second or so. It was not a fantasy, he had really done it. It did not mean that he would be interested in ... She could not even say the word in her thoughts. She reasoned that since there are other people with the same interest. John might just be like some people she recently learned about from the Internet. She had not dared contact any of them and then shortly after, she had met John and fell in love with him. For a while she put her special interest aside. It was only a short time however. Now the desire was so desperately strong again: it always came back.

Perhaps he had noticed her reaction when he had touched her there? Then he would know already, feel the same way and understand that she wanted much more than just her anus brushed by his finger. Katie then realised that that it was a big step from just touching her bottom to giving her what she so desperately needed, and this caused her spirits plummeted again until she repeated the words "give me" in her head and felt the thrill pass through her.

All these thoughts cascaded through her head as they sat naked and drank coffee on the settee downstairs after making love for the first time. Her silence had not troubled John, he had smiled affectionately, also silent, allowing her peace for her thoughts. It was his smile that decided her to muster her courage and say something and find out how he would react to hearing of her special fantasy. She felt she must talk about it. She was driven by the recollection of what he had done, and its affect on her long suppressed desires. It had to be now or she would loose the courage to do it. But how would she start the conversation? Oh frustration! She got up to refill her coffee cup.

"You have a nice bottom." John spoke for the first time in several minutes.

"You like it?". It was the best retort she could manage. Oh God she thought. How am I going to tell him?

He put his arm around her pulled her to close her face on his chest. Not looking at him made it easier to tell.

"Round, small and tight. Very sexy, even just to look at." He had given her a clue and opportunity to gently broach the subject.

"You want to do more than look?" She asked.

"Yes." His reply almost non-committal.

"You want to do something with it?" She ventured again.

"Oh yes." He smiled that nice smile as he said it.

"It was always round, even when I was a kid."

"Yes." It was all he said. God he was aggravating. If he knew I would not have to endure this terrible anxiety of whether to tell him. But I want to tell him, in detail, in great detail, starting with that first time when I was five years old.

"Pat-table." He added.

"Just pat-able?" Getting closer! She was yearning inside.

"I would like to spank you." Just like that he said it! She gasped quietly. Being spanked would be nice, especially over his lap. But she wanted to go over his lap and have something else done. Even in her head she didn't now dare to say the word, but could visualise, almost feel the sensations.

"Would you?" Her reply, almost a whisper and muffled with her face pressed into his chest. Then she said: "How?" Getting braver.

"With you over my knee." After a pause: "With your bottom bare" He went on tantalisingly. "And your legs spread a bit so that I could see everything."

"Everything?" She whispered.

"Your nice little rosebud especially."

Katie could manage no reply for a while and John stayed quiet. During that teasing silence a familiar warm glow below began and spread backwards under her and to the back.

"I like that place too." Thank God she had started on the subject!

"Childhood experiences perhaps?"

He's got second sight! "Yes." Very quietly she said the word. She was committed now.

"Want to tell me about it?"

"Have you guessed?" She asked. Then added: "what my parents did."

"Yes." His reply was quiet and patient.

"Up my bottom" she added to be sure that they were on the same subject.

"How old were you?" His question was gentle.

"Five the first time."

"Many times after eh?"

Katie nodded and said. "Oh yes. Always so embarrassing." Then the words started slowly to pore out. "Both of them, Mum and Dad were there. Even my brother watched the first time. Dad did it. He did it with me over his knee. After a Saturday night bath. My brother was still in the bath. They all watched me go ... to the toilet ... after. I remember it like it was yesterday. I even remember them talking about worms, and not understanding, while I was in the bath. Then Dad dried me with a towel on his lap, then turned me over. I can remember the stretching feeling of and the pressure of his thumbs opening up my bottom. Even at five it was really embarrassing, much worse than being spanked and I got spanked a lot ... on my bare bum.

"After a few minutes Mom came in the bathroom with a bowl of water and I saw the thing ... the syringe ... in it and I knew they were going to do something to me. I had a feeling inside me, like I needed to use the toilet, even before ...

"Then Dad turned me over his knee again. I remember the feeling of the Vaseline, all greasy and his finger going up me. Then the nozzle going in! Oh God! Then the first squirt ... warm inside me ... filling me. I wanted to go straight away, but Dad talked to me, quiet and kind. "Just relax and let it go in." He said and I did. It was so quiet in the bathroom, and I heard a quiet little click noises every squirt. The valves in the syringe every time he squeezed it. I seemed like an age before it was over and he stopped filling me up. Then he pulled the nozzle out a popped me on the toilet real quick. Then it was so noisy." Katie paused, then giggled. "My brothers eyes went wild, with my ... wind, and the ... splashing noises and the ... plops!" Katie giggled more then paused again.

"They did it to me so many times while I was growing up. For constipation, worms again, as well. And when I knew I was going to get one ... my bum used to burn ... and I had the feeling like I was having one ... needing to go."

"Later, when I could read, I got the box down and read the word. They always said: "wash out." "I give you a washout before bed tonight" my Mum used to say. When I was a teenager, she did it, gave me them. Well mostly her."

Katie paused for a moment and John spoke quietly; "And now it is going to be me." Katie gasped.

John steadily turned her over his lap, she turned her head, and looked at him aghast, her face flushed crimson. Then she started to moan as he stroked her wet clitoris. Soon she was shouting loudly as her ****** came. Afterwards sitting on his knee, she saw with horror, how wet the settee was where she had been sitting when telling him the story of her childhood enemas. But now he knew how they turned her on so it didn't really matter. He didn't ever say anything about them arousing her, but he often said to her: "Katie I'm going to give you an enema before you go to bed tonight." And she always flushed bright red when he said it.

The first time he gave her one was the next morning. By then she had admitted to John she had a syringe at her apartment. They collected it later that afternoon.

Her bottom burned with excitement all the time from when she had first told him

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Always an awkward moment when you bring up the subject of enemas, not knowing how the other person will react. Brave of Katie to take the chance.