Tell Me Your Wish

What woukd u like me to do? I would like to write story or post something what would be interesting for u. Please tell me topics u are interested in, or anything u think it would be interesting to write about :)

Love you all
thepianogirl thepianogirl
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What is your favorite music to play for you? I like to play 'all of me'

Nothing wish i have

You can write everything about your personal experiences.

a picture of you in a swimsuit and then a story about you on the beach and how the warm sun makes you feel as it strokes your body on the beach xxx.

I am really enjoying your stories; nice detail and a wide range of topics and responses. You go, girl, I can see that you're growing and learning not to take your negative experiences too seriously. Best of luck on your new physical venture; and remember, ALL of your experiences are learning opportunities!

Tell me of a secret desire you have that has never been revealed or fulfilled. I am your friend here and I want to know. You are a very interesting woman and I know that you have desires that you think will never be realized. That kind of thing is what makes your life and my life interesting. I look forward to a story to post here or an email if you want only me to know about it.


Tell me of the time you felt most fulfilled in your life. Anything. The best thing. When you were happiest. Something that made life feel the most precious gift. Maybe it will resonate with others too.

Hey, you're about my son's age. He's a cellist. He hasn't yet held down a job but boy can he play the cello. My secret fantasy would be that you two would get together and play a duet. Maybe you'd be good for him. If you look anything like your picture, which I kind of doubt, he'd be absolutely wowed.

Play us a song on the piano & put it on youtube!

I would love for you to tell us how you feel when you play a song for which you feel a strong emotional connection.

I would like to know about your sexual fantasies.
I want to know your dirty-er dreams
and read (or whatever you do) from you for
hard pushing sex...
Are you dominating chic or you wanna be
the obedient little girl?
Or neither and you like something else?
I wish you do something for me!!

movies and television shows

sorry, i dont know what to say about this... so, i'm just going to say this. i dont know what to say. sorry.

Some of the responses... don't know weather to laugh or take them serious. but how about a bit of your life story, of how you got into where you are now, your skills and fitness, what interests you, what concerns you, what you plan in life.. what you look for.

I would love for you to let me lick your dripping wet ***** for days.....

i wish you would write something uplifting a story about a heroin whith a particular power, maybe your dreams in 5 years time or what you would change from your past

How about writing a story about yourself and what you are in real life compared to here. Or possibly write a story about your family or who you were as a younger girl growing up. I love hearing those things from my friends here. I would read it.

return of the real angels

Can you wave a magic wand and make me younger and leave me with the life experience that I have and hold me just once!
Shure Im a great one with the words now!
Keep well and gorgeous!

I think it is good you are trying to extend peace and make people happy, I wish more people think like that. I guess you have a lot of suggestions to work with, best wishes.

My own unique wish well I would like to suckle your breast and have you suck my nipples softly

i would like you to dress me up in your girliest outfit and force me to be your sissy slave

I would like u to write some of your life experiences. I would love u to post more pictures of yourself as you are a gorgeous woman. Maybe a bit more risky type. Here is to you!

I enjoyed your experiences.. I am a counselor - i generally tend to discuss and explore, the effects of discipline at an early age and how if affects at as a adult..

ur very helpful for me

i believe what i will find most inspiring is You finding that which most inspires You.

Write about something or anything you want but write it from your heart and with all the passion.

wonderful... well, what do YOU wanna write about, honey?

I would like to Talk more about "thepianogirl."

I would like you to upload more videos where you play the piano. Performances (even from master class?) or just any occasion.
I wish the strings were at the same level as you are when they accompany you...

I'm transgender and live as a woman full time now. Some say I'm insane too. Write about what you know best, your life and dreams. Teri

Write about Ur Dreams, Wishes.... Write how u feel while playing Piano.... Write about urself as we will Love to know more about the girl who wants to do something SPECIAL for all of US..... Write all that which is in ur HEART <3 Hugs

i would like to hear a story on 'best friend'

Post pics of your insanity progress.
Sort of a photographic blog.
I am starting one as well.
Want to lose a few lbs


Just write what u see, and be honest....!

why you like to pleas others and if you think you are a sub/slave or just leenings that way

I just think world should be a better and happier place

I like to read a poetry on life.

OK. I shall challange you. Write me a poem of what a tree might dream about during it's long winter sleep. Then challange me back.

I wish to hear what your dreams and goals are. =)

I would love to read a story about how you have helped another person.

I had many experiences as a teenager where I was forced to display my naked body to others and received punishment in the form of spanking. I woulkd love to hear your take on that

Hmmm interesting
Please email me and tell me you deep desires
What makes you wet and crazy horny
Then I'll reply with mine
Thanks for this opportunity

I don't understand why you're sad, althouh life can be a challenge for those with hearts capable of loving others.

I am a 61 yr. old TG who wishes nothing more than to live out the rest of my life as a woman. I have come out to my family and so far have met much rejection, but my friends here at EP sustain me.

How bout you post a nude pic

Thank for your gifts. Maybe you could write something special such as local culture, your views about a specific event and so forth :)

Well Dear you know I love your piano playing and I have always been interested in learning something about my friends. Could you tell me the story of how and why you learned the Piano?

Jusy be your self...that's the best thing I wish for everyone I connect with here.

things your passionate about or neat things going on in the world

How about what makes you you? What makes you unique?

i think you should write about you hopes and wishes for the new yr

my wish is to be a bit healthier+not keep fallin on the bloody stairs lol

wishing u health+happiness 4 2013
luv+hugz soph

maybe poetry or a book of confession

I would like to know what you would do to make a garden special and your own :)

i agree about your writing why you are sad. i do hope you feel happier soon in any event.

Well I wish that there was no crake or crystal meth in my community but you can't catch fishes with wishes. So I'm thinking we go to Pasksville once a week - you lead on a dealer and lure him into a dark ally then I'll take care off the rest.

A story that could help a kid not want to ever try crake or meth would be good.
Cheers and happy weekend!

you could probably do a human interest story like on the White House like how many white houses were there since this country was founded and was the White House always in Washington DC and when did they build the dome on the White House that might be interesting to some people but I'm just spit balling here

Hmm hair cutting and head shaving of long hair girls and womens !!

I am wishing for more bad luck, it's become a welcome visitor. It's morning and I'm still a little fuzzy but I am clear about that. I'll tell you about some bad luck.

I had a violent, distressed, childhood. It was a long time ago and it's not the point. With those kind of parents, typically they give you narratives to explain why they are that way. The your aren't worth the effort, you won't make it, and so on. The “You're no good and won't fit in society” thing one is one of the milder but common ones. It wasn't so much a decision, but just trying to breath. Because of a lack of confidence, I left home at a way too late age of 17 years. In those years unemployment was actually worse than now. Look it up unemployment, peaked in 1982 at 11%. I had some saved some money before I left, and an unbelievably giving couple let me stay in their tiny studio with them. They wanted some privacy one night, I walked across town to see another friend that wasn't home, So I just walked around, night came and it stayed a long time. It had been a day or two since I had eaten, I couldn't find anywhere to just sit down and rest. I had literally, just a few pennies. It must have been about three or so in early morning and I was walking along some railroad tracks and I started smiling. At that moment it occurred to me that I was OK anyway, I lost my fear of failure. In less than a week I had a job and before that winter I had one good enough to afford car payments and “repossessed” a car for my “girl friend” and took over payments. I have learned to wish for bad luck.

I got laid of a job, so I went to college and became a medical professional, A couple of times the hospital That I worked shut down and was taken over by someone else twice, every time I got a raise in status and money. At the end I was promised a clinic of my own plus running my department, My wife became disabled, I took on all the duties and kept waiting for the promised retro check, it never happened, my attitude degraded, eventually we parted ways. I had a heart attack. This is the reason that I bought a bus and built a RV and took of for a new life, that was a pretty good decade. Every time I had bad luck, It turned out better than it was. These weren't close to all of the examples, these are the ones I came up with between drinking my first cup of coffee and giving it back.

I know you like to make others happy and all but your profile says you are feeling very sad. I would like to know what you are really feeling inside. Maybe in writing about it you can understand it better.
Also I liked the Insanity journal idea from Ramrodd.
Also if you have any poetry. I love poetry. Or songs.

Everyone has a secret. What is yours?

Can we talk about our internal and by that i mean spiritual devlopement?

I'd like to hear about your most embarrassing moment. Sexual and non sexual. Lets see who'll post theirs too.

Please tell Me How To Gain Weight perfectly in 6 Months

I want a good and strong body

So Please post stories on them

Hope God Bless You

message ;)

I would learn all that I could about you and then make sure that you were happy for the rest of your life.

it would be kinda nice to read a real females thought on male to female crossdresser,s
how you personally perceive us.

i was recently asked by my x wife why i felt the need to wear female clothes my answer was easy male clothes are boring and drab. as i say it would be nice to hear from you x

yes, another audio of your playing the piano!!

Post another video of you playing music

Where is this video she has already posted?

Write a poem about whatever u want :)

Tell us what is on your mind and in your heart. Tell us what is important to you or what is bugging you. Be open and honest. The length of the story is not important. Remember, you are sharing yourself with us...your friends on EP.

I agree with Luke. Why do people act the way they do?

how bout how the music moves you.

I would enjoy reading all the thoughts and emotions that run through your head at the moment you sit at the piano and begin to play

If you close your eyes whilst looking in a mirror what exactly is your reflection in the mirror doing and how do you know?

Put a camera up and find out.

Ha ha ha.