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Tell Me Your Wish

What woukd u like me to do? I would like to write story or post something what would be interesting for u. Please tell me topics u are interested in, or anything u think it would be interesting to write about :)

Love you all
thepianogirl thepianogirl 18-21, F 86 Responses Jan 11, 2013

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What is your favorite music to play for you? I like to play 'all of me'

Nothing wish i have

You can write everything about your personal experiences.

Anything you write from your heart will influence me----so go on dear----

a picture of you in a swimsuit and then a story about you on the beach and how the warm sun makes you feel as it strokes your body on the beach xxx.

I am really enjoying your stories; nice detail and a wide range of topics and responses. You go, girl, I can see that you're growing and learning not to take your negative experiences too seriously. Best of luck on your new physical venture; and remember, ALL of your experiences are learning opportunities!

Tell me of a secret desire you have that has never been revealed or fulfilled. I am your friend here and I want to know. You are a very interesting woman and I know that you have desires that you think will never be realized. That kind of thing is what makes your life and my life interesting. I look forward to a story to post here or an email if you want only me to know about it.


Tell me of the time you felt most fulfilled in your life. Anything. The best thing. When you were happiest. Something that made life feel the most precious gift. Maybe it will resonate with others too.

Hey, you're about my son's age. He's a cellist. He hasn't yet held down a job but boy can he play the cello. My secret fantasy would be that you two would get together and play a duet. Maybe you'd be good for him. If you look anything like your picture, which I kind of doubt, he'd be absolutely wowed.

Play us a song on the piano & put it on youtube!

I would love for you to tell us how you feel when you play a song for which you feel a strong emotional connection.

I would like to know about your sexual fantasies.
I want to know your dirty-er dreams
and read (or whatever you do) from you for
hard pushing sex...
Are you dominating chic or you wanna be
the obedient little girl?
Or neither and you like something else?
I wish you do something for me!!

movies and television shows

sorry, i dont know what to say about this... so, i'm just going to say this. i dont know what to say. sorry.

Some of the responses... don't know weather to laugh or take them serious. but how about a bit of your life story, of how you got into where you are now, your skills and fitness, what interests you, what concerns you, what you plan in life.. what you look for.

Well for me being very submissive and love feeling feminine in ladies clothes. I would like to know what you, Being the dominant one in the relationship, would have us spend a weekend alone with no restrictions.

I would love for you to let me lick your dripping wet ***** for days.....

i wish you would write something uplifting a story about a heroin whith a particular power, maybe your dreams in 5 years time or what you would change from your past

How about writing a story about yourself and what you are in real life compared to here. Or possibly write a story about your family or who you were as a younger girl growing up. I love hearing those things from my friends here. I would read it.

return of the real angels

Can you wave a magic wand and make me younger and leave me with the life experience that I have and hold me just once!
Shure Im a great one with the words now!
Keep well and gorgeous!

Write a love poem for me...and give me a title to write one for you..thank you piano girl...

I think it is good you are trying to extend peace and make people happy, I wish more people think like that. I guess you have a lot of suggestions to work with, best wishes.

i would love see u giving me blw job my **** in yr mouth and would love to fill in yr mouth with love juice

My own unique wish well I would like to suckle your breast and have you suck my nipples softly

i would like you to dress me up in your girliest outfit and force me to be your sissy slave

I would like u to write some of your life experiences. I would love u to post more pictures of yourself as you are a gorgeous woman. Maybe a bit more risky type. Here is to you!

I wish i could go back 1 week, and keep my dad awake all night, so he didn't pass away in his sleep :(

oh honey, i am so sorry to hear that. but we have to accept bad things as we accept good things. it is normal to be sad, but dont spend too much time on being sad. try to replace that sadness with remembering all nice moments you had with your dad. he would want you to move on now <3 stay strong

I enjoyed your experiences.. I am a counselor - i generally tend to discuss and explore, the effects of discipline at an early age and how if affects at as a adult..

ur very helpful for me