The Gift

As I see the day approaching,

When you began your life;

I wonder what to give you,

And my soul begins to strife.

For money, I don’t have any,

And gifts, they don’t last long;

So what can I offer you,

That’s meaningful and strong.

The first thing that I thought of,

Was to buy you something cheap;

But then you would curse me,

And think I was a creep.

For money, clothes, and jewelry,

These things they seem so small;

So quickly you would lose them,

And then have nothing at all.

So maybe this is silly,

To give you on this night;

But giving away a part of me,

Just makes me feel so right.

So this year I will give to you,

The words that fill my soul;

I hope that they will bless you,

And may your life be whole.

CMA1234 CMA1234
46-50, F
Jan 22, 2013