This year's valentine is very special. I could see myself being with this man forever, he is so bad ***.

I just sent his gift off via mail. I ended up doing something that I have never done for anyone. Long story short, in my youth I was quite the accomplished singer. #1 in the state for my section for junior and senior year. I turned down various scholarships to devote my life to drugs (lame and true).  EITHER WAY, i have not sung very much since that point due to the shame I experience. I decided to record a song, a mini music video if you will, and send it to him.

I'm excited and nervous for when he gets it. I made it because i wanted him to know how much he means to me. as he is an amazing man.

His birthday is soon after to which he will be getting a spread of dirty pictures of me and a web cam. Two top notch gifts for someone who is in a long distance relationship.


Gosh, i sure hope he likes his vday gift. I want him to melt ) 

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1 Response Feb 12, 2009

That is sooooo sweet!! Keep us posted on what he thought of your v-day gift.<br />
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