Love to Make Other People Feel Happy!

i love giving gifts to people, birthday, christmas, easter, whenever, even just going out and buying someone something to show them i care! i love to give gifts but dont really like getting them back, cos i dont feel like a deserve them, i also dont like it when people constantly say thankyou, i dunno, i think it kind of embarasses me lol, but yup i love to give gifts!
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18-21, F
2 Responses Aug 19, 2007

i'm the same way. if i see something that someone I care about needs, or would like, and I can afford it, I buy it for them. I never expect anything in return, and indeed I don't like getting anything in return, because that isn't why I bought it in the first place. <br />
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As far as the gifts on here, I'm still a little leary of them, because I don't really know anyone here very well yet, but I'm trying! I just wish there was a bigger selection, and I hope they will change sometimes!

If you think of yourself as someone who gives out of generosity, then I think it's important for you to realise that genuine, full generosity is a two-way street. The gift of receiving a gift from someone well is just as important as the generosity of giving a good gift :)