Love Giving

Something about giving massages makes it nearly as calming as receiving them. For about 10 years now i have been giving massages. 99% of the time it was to my ex partner.  It was nearly a nightly habit to give her a message when we went to bed.  She would always have tension headaches and sore muscles so i never minded of course(even if i think she lied to get them sometimes .hehe)  After a while she would fall asleep and start snoring. Don't know why, but somehow this made me very tired and relaxed to.. Of course there were nights where it would wake her up instead.. But they were fun nights. So no complaints here .. 

That relationship is over now. So no more giving massages for me.  sigh . O well . maybe again one day. or to friends that deserve it.

Still don't know what its like to get a good one in return though. Never asked for one 

marcoise marcoise
31-35, M
Feb 13, 2010