No Bra At The Party

I am usually the last one to do something like this, but a few months ago I was dressing to go to a party and couldn't find a bra to wear. I mean I had bras but nothing that worked with the blouse I wanted to wear -- I needed a skin tone one that didn't show through the material. Standing there in front of the mirror it occured to me that even though I wear a C cup, I'm really between a B and a C, and my breasts are pretty firm. I hate the word 'perky' but thats what my friends say. So I didnt need a bra for support. And I had some nipple "petals" that would cover the important parts. So I went to the party sans bra. It was awesome. I felt so freee - I had not realized how confining a bra was. l was having a great time, until I realized that one of the petals had slipped off. It was dark, so I wasn't sure if anyone had seen my nip, but this wasn't good. But after a few more drinks it didn't seem as important, and I didn't even notice that the other had fallen off. By that time, I was in a group of three guys. Like a blonde I had no clue why I was suddenly so popular. They of course had seen that I was exposed, and were taking in the view. I was embarrassed at first, but then began to enjoy the attention. I was clearly having an effect on them. It turned me on a little - just enough that my nips hardened, and it was obvious to all. I felt like a ********, and oddly enough kind of liked it. The next day I was back to the old me, with all the proper foundation garments, but it was fun to show off the girls for one night.
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