I was on a long motorcycle ride last weekend. I dressed for comfort which means no bra and a tee shirt. I didn't think about hours of unrestrained jiggling. WHEW!!!! lol!!!!
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you ride alone or with a friend on front/back? thinking if you were riding on back with your **** pressed against a good friend, that could be fun for everyone.

ha ha.. actually, I've only ridden with my dad. So pressing my **** against him too much might make the other people riding with us give us funny looks.

I have two daughters. As a dad, my daughter's **** are the last things on earth I want to feel. Eeew!

please add me

Love to see them!

No bra feels so good, so free!

Next time there will be a bit more support I am sure!

Ouch! :O

Thats why I like woman with small breasts, they have the freedom to do what you did. Seeing someone like yourself wearing a T with no bra or any other top is really amazing


I'm sure all the passing by cars were thankful to you.

Ooooooofun I want to do that

If they are too big, that's a mighty fine way to end up with two black eyes ;)

Yeah.... that's not much of a risk for me

Lol well I don't even like to hit speed bumps in my car too hard with the fear off my man boobs getting too hoppy :)

thanks for making me throw up in my mouth a little bit

Wow, it's called an over exaggeration.

ha ha...so was mine!

Sorry I'm a bit self-conscious

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