Nude Camping

The last time I went camping it was with some friends. We camped and fished. The best thing was we were away and secluded so we all got naked for the weekend just guys no wives/girlfriends so we could be guys. It was one of the best times ever camping. It is too bad we can't do this more often because the wives/girlfriends would want to come with us they wouldn't like being with us be ause we would get naked and none of the women would join in. I guess women can't stand for men to be men and enjoy themselves. There was no hanky panky that weekend just guys who enjoy camping in the nude. It would be cool if the women in our lives would be open to being naked it would make for an interesting camping trip.
GreenLantern100 GreenLantern100
46-50, M
May 12, 2012