My First **** With Man In Public Loo

Needing a wee I went to a public toilet in town which I liked doing n e way to look at men's ****.
I went up to the urinal there was another man standing there peeing I was one away from him. I got my **** out and started peeing while holding my **** I tub the top with my thumb and I begin to get hard. I look over at the man but couldnt see his ****. My ***** getting harder so I turn away so he can't see. He finishes peeing and leaves so I turn back to the urinal holding my hard 8 inch in my left hand. A man walks in and stands at the urinal on the same place as the other man, one away from me to my right . I stand there with my **** in my hand my forskin pulled back, I'm totally on show. I slighly glance over as he's pulls his jobbers down over his penis. It flopped out and it was a nice **** too about 4 inches soft he pulls his jobbers just under his big hairs balls. As he pees I slowly rub my **** as I pretend to pee. When I finishes he shakes his nice **** a few times and squeezes the rest out. And then he shakes again which I find a bit strange. He carrys on shaking his **** and pulls his skin back. I can see all this in the corner of my eye. My **** is still rock hard and throbbing. I then realize that his **** is raising and getting hard he cups his balls and wraps his hand around his growing **** and starts massaging. I can't believe what I'm seeing. I see his head turn my way and then he turns and shows me his solid ****. I slowly start wanking and he moves up to the next urinal . I turn and look right at his **** and is nice. Both watching each other **** he puts his hand out and takes my hard **** and and starts wanking me . I can't believe it , it's amazing . It's to horny and I start to *** all over his hand . I then take my hand and wrap around his shaft and **** fast. He squirts everywhere . I went into a cubical to clean myself up and when I came out he was gone.
What an amazing day.
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8 Responses Apr 23, 2011

I just love it when i get to play in public restrooms


Holy ****, that's just given me a massive erection!

Nice story, couldn't stop myself wanking whilst reading it

i have done the same thing loads of times. i dont consider myself gay but it gets u wel ******* horny!

Tell me more about it. Maybe DM me?

It was like I was there with you, ******* briiliant I love that when it happens. I love the thrill of seen another man start to ****, then you know you're on and you get to feel his **** in your hand. I love wanking men off until *** spurts out

The only thing better is to get their delicious *** in your mouth

You really got me hard now. I need to *** bad time!

Great storis mate all of them!!