Good ****

I went to this public toilet and started to pee there we'd no one about and feeling a bit horny I started to rub my **** a bit it started to get bait hard as I was just about to leave I heard some one *** in so I made out I was still peeing when I looked over this guy had quite a small **** but was checking me out he came over a stood next to me and started to play with his **** I thought what the he'll let me do the same by this time I was rock hard and so was he I just reached out started to **** him he did the same it was a big turn on as there could be other guys coming in at any moment really like to go to a public toilet to see the different *****. We then moved into a cubicle and took our pants off so we could really start to **** each other there was a peep hole were you could check out the the the guys ******* I was looking through the hole when these 2 guys came in and started fooling around what a sight my **** being wanked and me peeping on these other guys it was not long and I was sooting my load and he was shootig his, he left and I thought let me stay and look if any one else came in what was nice when he had *** it was over my **** so there was some nice lub I started to stroke again and looking through the hole there was a lot of different guys comeing and going witch made hard again just looking at all the ***** there was this one guy that really had a huge **** so I left the cubicle and stood next to him I made out I was peeing when he saw all the *** over my **** he got hard his **** was about the same size as mine we just stood there and wanked each other off I came again with him and made sure he came on my **** for more lub when I went into the stall again.
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4 Responses May 9, 2011

Such a great feeling when a stranger shoots his load all over my **** and I then **** myself off with his slimy ***** frothing up all over my **** and hand.

Yeah, great. mmmmmmfffffff. . . . .aaah. sent me over the top and brought back my own happy memories

Awesome story.

I love ******* over a guys **** and then sucking him off, double the tasty load :)