Wanking In London Railway Station Toilet

A few years back I went into a urinal in a tunnel under a London UK rail station. Just a long trough, with room for about a dozen guys. There was only one space between a business man and a punk rocker. Yep, sure enough, all of us were spanking the monkey. As a couple of guys further down the line spurted and left, they were soon replaced by others. I just edged it carefully and eventually one of the first guys to leave came back in and was off again into a wonderful exhibition. Eventually I had to shoot - a bucket load - and then off to catch the train. Got on the train eased into a seat and closed my eyes. Suddenly the bloke opposite tapped my shoe with his foot and then looked pointedly downward - a great drop of **** was sliding off my shoe. He grinned and winked as I used a tissue to get rid of it. Later in the journey we went to the toilet compartment together but that is another story . . . .
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I used to frequent Waterloo Station when I was in my teens and never failed to find some guy to have oral or anal sex with................unfortunately that was over 40yrs ago !!!! and everything has changed since then.

I had some happy times there too. I remember being in a cubicle in the bargain basement, with a late teen guy sucking me through a glory hole when there was an altercation at the urinals - the police had come in and nicked about six blokes ******* - I know cos there was a convenient spy hole in the door. Didn't stop our action though. Truly intense experience knowing how close we were to the boys in blue. After I'd *** I had to suck the young guy off, which got me started again, but that ended up in a solo **** since nearly everyone had been frightened off.

London Bridge

coolest what station pray do tell??????

that is totally awesome!