I used to use a cottage in a town not far from home. If I got there in the late afternoon, I could usually score some action. One particular summer day I got there about 3.30, but there was no one about. No one even came in for a pee. Eventually I went and settled in a stall for a nice slow ****. I'd been in there for about 20 minutes when I heard the metal grille that formed the outer door rattle, then there was the chink of keys. The cleaner had arrived to do his job. Ah well, I thought. That's it. I made some suitable sounds with the toilet tissue and then flushed and went out to wash my hands. The cleaner was in his 20's with dark curly hair and overalls unbuttoned down to just above his pubis. It was a hot day, and he had no shirt on underneath. Nice hairless muscular chest with prominent nipples. I got a good eyeful to help me 'finish off' when I got home. To my surprise, he spoke to me, partly to bum a ciggie. i lit one too, and we stood there talking. You know, he said, it's ******* hot out there; you might as well stay in here in the cool and finish what you were doing. What do you mean, I said. Well I was parked outside having my tea break when you arrived, and you've been in here long enough for me to guess that you were having a **** or waiting for company. With that he reached down and stroked himself with his hand inside his overalls. Still scared that it was some sort of entrapment, I looked panicked. Relax, he said. I shut the grille. No one is gonna come in. He shrugged his shoulders and the overalls fell down . . . and down round his ankles. No underwear either! Nice uncut ****, half erect and starting to lube up nicely. that was it. Within a minute we were both stark naked and I was getting the action I had been wanting. The smell of fresh sweat on a tasty guy always reminds me of that afternoon. In fact, thinking about it makes me feel that I ought to stroke one out now. After all, that cottage was demolished about ten years ago, so i can't go back looking for a second helping.
Tobit Tobit
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Great story. It's a real shame more and more cottages are closing down; there's a unique thrill to it.

I has fun with a toilet cleaner once, he knew I'd been in cubicle for a while so stood at urinal.<br />
When I came out he looked at me and I could tell he was up for fun, we went into his office and I ******** off, he followed my lead, I sucked his **** and he sucked mine, then I got him to lay down and sat on his ****.<br />
I rode his **** for about 5 minutes and he asked me to **** him from behind, his *** was tight but I managed to get my **** in.<br />
We finished by once again sucking each other.<br />
I asked how often he cleaned there and he told me that was his last day, and that is why he had eventually risked going for it, and I never saw him again sadly.<br />
I'm all hard now thinking about it.

<b>wonderful experience!</b><br />
wish i could have been there.